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  1. Have somebody know who made this? or similar Hairstyle Gyazo
  2. Have similar Hairstyles? :-) Gyazo
  3. lol, I have ask the creator, but she didn't remember which hairstyle she use so ask help here,BTW look like same's hairstyle are welcome to recommend cuz that hairstyle look so low prim
  4. This one, have anyone know who made ? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/S3T-Gianna-Omega-Fat-Pack-Hud/12499736
  5. Like topic , I search marketplace can't find any good as like this hope someone can recommend one :D
  6. Like topic,today I have run time error ( too many listen) from a HUD I have how should I do? and reset scripts it's can't click (I dunno why) this HUD have not full premission
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