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    Wu did not sell anything and the ship you see for sale is not his, maybe you should check who is selling it before you make accusations and see that it is not Wu. Wu built everything but now everyone was asked to leave. Who made you the SL police? Maybe I should warn the other sims about you so they can ban you too. Why did you even get involved here? Wu did not even ask for donations or have a donation pot on his land, he paid everything by himself. He also does not have any shops nor does he sell anything as he already told you but you ignored it and decide to make trouble like the troll you
  2. Wassiney


    Thanks for ruining all of our fun with your misinformation. If your took the time to check your facts before scaring people I doubt Wu would have closed the sim and deleted the ship. He should not have listened to you because you are just here trolling anyway. Wu did nothing wrong and his build was within the terms CBS laid out. You need to get a real life. http://slnewser.blogspot.com/2013/02/cbs-says-trekkers-can-still-roleplay.html
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