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  1. Nope that didnt work either. Its as if I am blocked on his end, but I am not. We have checked preferances to. and it only my avatar thats cant commicate with him. All others work fine.
  2. when he logs on an alt I have no problem IMing them or teleprting them. I have never had this happen before. Also we both got on differant computers and he is still unable to see text. i cant tp him or send him notecards. I have to get on an alt or he does just to chat.
  3. My friend can not see when I IM him, I also am unable to teleport him. We are not blocked can see one another no problem with voice or sharing items, but he cant see me responding to IM and he dont get my teleports. This is crazy never had this happen before. How do I fix it?
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