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  1. Modern suburb or bayou that's active,i've seen places and looked around and it wasn't very active communities.I want to be somewhere that's an active friendly southern community with homes or apartments.
  2. I have good customer service skills. I would like to work either in a shop,as a bouncer in a club,be a Host,anything to get me out and around people more. (Not always social.) I can work 1-2 days a week for 2 hour shifts.IM me in world Greeneyesdarken.
  3. I'm looking for an active southern community with availble furnished homes or apartments,have been looking around for quite some time.I have yet to find anything.If you know of anything,please IM me.Thank you.
  4. This didn't go all well and good.I only got one correspondence,and It was a scam.
  5. I don't like living alone.I've been living in a cabin out in the woods in SL.And it's getting boring.. I'm looking for someone that's interested in getting a 2 bedroom place with me,as friends,I mostly keep to myself. IM me for inquiry.
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