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  1. Watching the code in the console window as SIngularity loads, I see the error message that Voice Server is not responding due to a bad gateway
  2. +The Church+ is a BDSM sim that is looking for DJs, hosts, auction managers, sim slaves/greeters, and security staff. If you like the BDSM scene this is the place for you. If you love to have a great time, want to have a great environment to work at with fun, friendly people please contact Lowden resident for more information and an application. 75L Ad Boards And 75L Shops With 50 Prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Naughty%20Naughty/49/206/1240
  3. and forgive me friend if i could have asked the shop owner so easily as you say i would have not posted here, wanted section and the others is for looing for stuff you can't find or stuff you want ...so please if you don't mind stop spaming my post with useless help
  4. My Babygirl can't identify this skin and i wanted to get it for her because she wanted it
  5. For the first commentor thank for the advice as i know that i could ask...i already tried that direction or i would not be here asking,second i didn't take the pic i just showing it so i am useing what i have to work with to ask
  6. I need to find out who makes this skin she is looking for it and can't find if
  7. I need to find out who makes this skin she is looking for it and can't find i t
  8. Looking For A Full Perm Mesh Bowling Shirt Templates...Please Im Lowden Resident If You Know Who Carries it
  9. Lowden

    Mesh Certified

    you usely have to wait 24hrs before you can upload the mesh items...i would give it that time then check to see
  10. Lowden

    Male Mesh Shirts

    i used standered sizes they all seem to have a back end that sticks further out then the avatar...you would think they would make the mesh close to the rear of the avi
  11. Lowden

    Male Mesh Shirts

    I have bought alot of male mesh T-shirts and one thing i have noticed with alot of them is in the front...it is small...you have have pretty much no stomach but in the back or rear it is like they made it so a male avatar needs a large rump to fill it...i am just curious as to why creators make them that way...
  12. Copyright ownership may be transferred and/or sold; this is accomplished usually via contract. In addition, works for hire are owned by the hiring entity.
  13. the vendor that has your artwork on it will have a commisioned script in it which will automatically send you the linden as well as give record for you
  14. I am Seeking artist to submit their art work for my line of clothing, the said artwork will be placed on the clothing and sold and displayed. If the said artwork is used you will get 50% of all sales of the clothing sold per piece When your design is used, I earn the rights to use and sell your design on any product. However, if you want to use your design for any commercial purpose, just let us know! I will be happy to give you the rights back to your design on whatever product you need. All those interested please im me in world...Also I must state all designs submitted must be your original artwork ...Not a reproduction..Or theft of another’s work...If it is found that the work is stolen I will be forced to report the theft to the original artist and second life as well All Artist Submissions Must Be Full Perm..Or Sent Via Skype in PNG or AI Format
  15. Looking for somone to create a custom mesh voodoo doll i have image of item i want created
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