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  1. Yes, these seems to be a problem for many people all across the grid. I'm unsure why that is to be honest. I guess it's in the way that each person has it set up for which display names should be shown.
  2. Hi, Chinoz. We don't charge anything. You keep all tips. Tip jars are provided as well.
  3. Hi! My name is Bree, and I'm the owner of Totally 80s. We're a spin off from "I Love the 80's" that had been around for 5 years, but the owners ended up leaving SL. We're picking up where they left off, with their blessing. We are lucky enough to have the old venue's following, along with a new following of our own. I'm looking for some quality DJ's and Hosts for permanent positions. We play all genres from 1980-1989, though we do give a bit of "wiggle room" to play a couple songs as far back as 75 and as forward as 92. If you are interested in working at a fun, friendly place with
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