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  1. ooo ty for the Bridge Help. That worked perfectly!
  2. Hello! I cannot type in Nearby chat on my friends sim, however I am able to type on every other sim on SL (in Nearby Chat). Note: This issue began when he changed amount of land he owned on his sim. Addition: I am now getting the following message, when I log into his sim: <bridgeURL>http://sim9711.agni.lindenlab.com:12046/cap/ba577db1-f5a6-9497-c306-7e18acd8c475</bridgeURL><bridgeAuth>30ca4382-2434-70f4-91a6-0476f74d86e9</bridgeAuth><bridgeVer>2.3</bridgeVer> My friend and i have both checked to see if i've been blocked, or have muted myself. I have also reinstalled SL on my computer. I'm running out of ideas to fix this problem, can anyone help?
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