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  1. Greeting Guardians is with great pleasure that the EVO Team along with the Huntress INC Team, invite you to visit this wonderful new world were you can get your items, play the EVO Games and meet new friends. The Winter Giveaway Pads are now in the area. And for those waiting for Christmas Faes.. the Winter Mystery Box is out! 5 new Winter Faes for your Winter City, 1 Santa's Lady Rerun Fae, keys and more! There is 6 different Boxes in the server.
  2. We are interested in a full region, grandfathered at the old rates. Contact Faye Huntress or CruX Huntress
  3. We're excited to announce that we will do the production launch of Mossms on Monday, April 15, at 12pm PDT/SLT! Launch is an exciting time because we'll be releasing 2 new planets, which have DNA characteristics that increase the number of possible textures by a factor of 10x. So if you felt like your herd of mossms was a sea of blue, you won't feel like that for long during launch if you reach for the stars and hit planets 3 and 4 hard. Everyone that participated in beta will receive a special unique Mossm, the Uber Beta Pootyplap Partybompin Bootyschmack. The mother ship will deliver this to you when you rez your first environment after we launch. We're also creating something special that will only be given to early adopters of Mossms, who make purchases during the initial period of launch. Please click link for more information and news: http://mossms.com/news/
  4. I think its awesome idea. The Breedable Community is so wide it would make sense to have their own catigory. Personaly don't understand and wonder why it has never been done already. I like to thank Dwarfins Team for bringing this concern and idea to the table. Let work together and make a diffrance and a improvement. Huntress Breedables
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