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  1. I just logged in on SL, and it is in fullscreen, it wont let me go on any other apps (google chrome etc) unless I quit sl. Does anyone know how I get it back to normal? I haven't changed any settings...Please help! PS. Im on firestorm & have a macbook pro
  2. Adele090

    Can't log in.

    So this has been happening for a month, when I log in I type my username and password and then Log in. As soon at it says Loading it crashes, the mac crash logger comes up (I use Macbook pro. Firestorm viewer.) I made a new avatar, tried it and its perfectly fine! Please help.
  3. Im using a mac and I open up secondlife and then it just crashes like this thing comes up saying "Mac crash logger" and I cant even play SL anymore. Can someone please help! I've tried to re-install it, reset my internet reboot my laptop all that but nothing works.
  4. Adele090

    I can't log in...

    Whenever I log in, SL loads up and then it suddenly crashes. I don't know why but it always happens and I can't get back on SL. I tried downloading new viewers but it still crashes... I usea macbook pro.
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