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  1. I know the above topic is nothing new to speak of. I generally feel this is getting to the point where issues are being ignored and not prioritized. Obviously this is subjective. I have been a member for a number of years now. I have enjoyed the diverse environment that Second Life has to offer; when finding the spare time to participate online. However, I am genuinely fed up with the amount of crashing and abuse that a minority of individuals here are handing out. There is one place in particular (no names mentioned) a particular Infohub that has been getting intentionally crashed for more than 3 months now. This is almost occurring on a daily bases. Today, a region is offline again, along with the surrounding regions that connect to this Sim. Real life information is being circulated to the extent people are in fear. This includes IP addresses, Real life addresses (people claiming to be able to obtain) After filing an ample amount of abuse reports (amongst other), with supporting evidence attached. Nothing has been done to resolve this issue. Now one begs to question the system that is currently employed. Given the fact there has been no resolve. Where do you draw that silver lining? Regards?
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