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  1. http://nwn.blogs.com/.a/6a00d8341bf74053ef01157223cd8a970b-320wi I am not sure if this has been done before but I have been thinking about this for awhile not and wasn't sure if It would be a popular Idea or not. Although, seeing all the wacky and creative Ideas people have come up with and have suceeded in. I figured it is atleast worth a try. Therefor I have created this account for the sole purpose of creating this RP sim. The concept involves role playing politicians and members of the White House, wether that be the President, a member of his cabinet or any of the other staff on board. However, I am a student of International studies and political science so I am well educated in the political process and I love to RP so I think mixing the two would be a awsome Idea, people would balance there own personal lives & political decisions (Cabinet meetings, political decisions, & policy Issues) delegated to them by the story line creators and rpers dedicated to running the story lines of the sim complimented by popularity polls, opposition and a news paper for the sim directly aimed at further ensuring a great RP/Political experience. I know plenty of RP Political simulation forum based games across the Internet that have no shortage of activity and players that I also plan on advertising in which should draw alot of recruits because of SL's 3D advantage and In-World. Therefor I plan to put in place a system that would let someone come in as a brand new recruit either in a legislative role or Intern for someone and work there way to the top wether there goal be in the Presidential Cabinet or in the Oval office itself. I have the funds to carry this myself and I plan on having a exact replica of the White House built as well as open up new roles and capitol hill should the sim grow beyond the White House, the only thing I am asking for is a development team that could help me create the rules and guidelines as well as run somethings. So if your Interested in being part of the development team or are Interested in a role period, please contact me IG as I will be getting things set togethor. Will you be a Kennedy? Marked by scandals & a defining moment? A Reagon? Remembered for winning the Cold War? Or will you be like Hillary and be the first one to break that Glass ceiling. Story will be developed ;)
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