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  1. Last week, i was awaiting payment through PayPal from SL and my process credit history said "closed/refunded". What is this? What does this mean? Thank you for your time. Regards, Kate (hockeylips)
  2. Please help me ...my avatar has been a white cloud for three days. I've read everything on Google in regards to this, nothing seems to help. I am on SL viewer. Thank you, Kate.
  3. Some of my items were NOT migrated, with VMM, due to the following message: Worn items, calling cards, and folder links cannot be part of a Marketplace listing -- And I have NO IDEA what this means. These are Skins. I haven't worn (only to photograph) the skins nor do I have it 'on' while trying to list it. It WAS listed but returned with the above message. I had 23 items returned. I have NO calling cards to folders or folder links......I'm confused. ALSO - I cannot drag ANY of my to the Merchant Outbox....keeps telling me MP store is returning errors (??)
  4. Hello...I purchase a 'wyld hair' yesterday that has a purple hair base.....for the life of me, I CANNOT get the thing off! I've tried replacing it with another hairbase, and the purple one remains, I've tried signing off and on, nothing.......help! Cannot walk around with this thing on my head forever! lol........Thanking you in advance for your help. Regards, Kate.
  5. Hello, I posted a question yesterday about how I cannot receive ANY emails offline from Second Life....I checked all my account settings, reset them, saved them, checked inworld.....still nothing! help! Thanking you in advance for your assistance! Regards, Kate
  6. I am not getting any email notifications...I've chcked my settings, re-set my settings, NOTHING is in my Spam folder...HELP!....it's been 5 days now! thank you.. I checked my control panel (control P) in my viewer, all seems ok...still no notifications! :(
  7. Hello! I am trying to change the size of my 'vendors' in my store...when I edit the object to a larger size, they change to multiple images, and when I want to make smaller, my logo disappears on the image! What is going on??! Help! Regards, Kate No, I just tried 'stretching'....all it did was bring out the photo AGAIN stretched behind it. How do I get to mapping? You mentioned something about that. Thank you!
  8. I just purchased a 'classic skin' for my avatar to replace the standard avatar you get to choose when joining, this avatar is mesh, I BOUGHT a classic skin but it will not apply........help! :) ty. But HOW do I detach from a mesh skin in order to wear a standard skin in my inventory??? ty.
  9. cannot connnect to the simulator this morning.........is there a problem?
  10. I am having a problem 'viewing' my avatar....seems like I have a 'birdseye' view and I have to move my camera down and then page up to see my avatar directly. AND my camera controls have stretched all the way across the screen......help! lol....thanking you in advance for your kind help! Kate (hockeylips) THANK YOU!!! ESC/SHIFT FIXED IT! AWESOME ! THANKS AGAIN!!
  11. Hello, I recently purchased an Inworld Store and need help. Once I place a pic or photo of an item I am selling, how do I 'create' buy and pay 'action' that should accompany it? In other words, when clicking on an item, it should say 'buy' then 'amount of item' and what is included with this item, i.e. an avatar and its' accessories, so HOW do I do this?? Thanking you in advance for your help and answers! Regards, Kate (hockeylips)
  12. I've tried editing the lips different ways..still seems he is 'sparkiing' between the lips or foaming, however you want to see it! Help! Thanks so much!!
  13. I've been trying for 3 hours...currently 8:30 PST. ty for your help
  14. hockeylips

    I cannot log in

    says 'inventory system currently unavailable'...what is going on? help me please!!! ty. I understand maintenance will take place 5 - 7 am PST..but it is now 7:45! help.
  15. hockeylips

    I cannot log in

    I cannot log into SL, says 'inventory system currently unavailabe, login failed...HOWEVER, I can log in with alternate Av's! Can anyone help me?? Thanking you in advance for your help!
  16. Same here! Merchant access not accessible! My Marketplace will not give me any options! help!
  17. cannot access my merchant account (even drop down menu is gone), cannot access my store, even tho I am continuing to get orders~ WHAT IS GOING ON?? SOMEONE PLEASE, HELP!
  18. Additionally, since I am 'stuck' on my inventory page, I cannot access 'actions' to create a new listing, edit, etc....oh boy., there is just no drop down menu there either! I tried clicking on one of my listings, hit 'revise this item ' and nothing. nothing. omg. THANK YOU, so much for both of your help ~ !!!!
  19. Thank you! I tried another browser..no success! Firewall/antivirus is ok. Java/Cookies ok. Oh and yes, I accessed SL thur it's website, as listed in your answer....NO LUCK! OMG!!!!! What am I going to do!! I just re-installed SL, no luck! oh no. This is horrible.
  20. No, but I will try another browser now! Yes, I clean out the browser cache daily, sometimes 2x's a day...thank you so much for answering! I am so worried.
  21. Hello. I cannot access my marketplace nor my store. Help please! I cannot edit, manage or even get the 'my marketplace' button to show subtitles!! No choices! Help!!!!
  22. Me too! I cannot access my merchant box (account) at all!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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