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  1. i'm having a problem with my avater on my singuarity viewer my hands has a look like a rubber band is on them. can someone tell me how to sovle this promble please. thank you
  2. I bought an outfit inworld and accidentally declined item so I NEED TO FIND OUT HOW TO FIND MY ORDER HISTORY
  3. I don't know where to post this but I need help my avatar has been in smoke for a few days and I have tryed to rebake her and my avatar fixer and even change viewers to see if that help .But nothing works I need help please
  4. can someone help me find some places in sl to buy mesh big booties like phat azz or ghetto booty
  5. transaction history shows lindens taking but does not show what the items were and how the merchant is. I just have the transaction history that the lindens were taken for all the item. How do I get my items or lindens back it's been 72hrs.
  6. I paid for some items on the marketplace and did not received the items So do anyone know who I need to content about this.
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