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  1. My friend met this guy 2-3 days ago and he gave her stolen money.She had no idea.The guy also made a land with Zyngo games and she had to make a group for it.LL put her account on hold.Is there anything to do to get her account back?
  2. It's not that I want to be with him,it's that I want to talk to see what's wrong with him....
  3. Well,since my brother doesn't play SL anymore he gave his account to his best buddy.And I have the right to use it too. Who is Dear Abby?LMAO
  4. So I'm really pissed off.I think many people (girls) may have experienced this at least once..(btw this is a friend's account ,I didn't want to use my real account ,I'd like to stay anoymous) Ok the main story is,we met in 2011.We weren't exactly friends but he IM'ed me once,saying I look pretty.We became really good friends,but I didn't even realize I liked him . It was like I was blind and couldn't see.Then he disappeared for like 3 months.I even cried.(Lol I know,I might sound like a 3 year old but I fell in love with him,we became friends on fb too) All this time I tried to forget him....
  5. I have his facebook profile. A friend of mine gave it to me.That's where I know from,he doesn't have a wife and kids.
  6. K so in fact,this IS my brother's account but I use it when I'm bored ,so it's my alt too. I'm 20,btw.And I don't use SL as a dating website,fyi.
  7. Sorry,this is my brother's account,I didn't feel like writing from my real one.I didn't want anyone I know in SL to find this,you understand?!
  8. Valerie your reply is the most helpful.Thanks alot!:)I really didn't feel like writing here,because I haven't done it before,but I felt like it was time to do it.
  9. Yeah I know,I need to grow up and blah blah. I just can't get over him,you know?
  10. Yeah I know,lol,he doesn't have a wife and kids,but I suppose he has a GF in rl.
  11. Thanks,><:smileywink: I feel a little bit better now,thanks for your long answer.
  12. Sorry for your loss. I feel your pain. I know how it's like to lose someone you care for.It's horrible. Time will heal some wounds,but not all of them.
  13. Ok so first off,this is my BROTHER'S account.Not mine. It all started when we met on a sim,we chatted and became friends.I didn't fall in love with him immediately,but he was sooo cute.He said we really think the same way ...He told me also that I'm not like other girls,obsessive and superficial..It was like a dream come true,no other guy made me feel the way he did. Then we used to hang out everyday,I felt so happy with him and I couldn't believe when.... HE LEFT.Not forever though.4 months.I was so sad ,I even tried to cancel my account,SL didn't mean anything to me anymore.I left SL for a
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