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  1. I log into Aditi and can wear any attachment that does not have a script in it. Any attachment that does have a script in it will not attach. These same attachments work fine on the main grid. Anyone experience something similar?
  2. Nearly two years later, no replies to your question, but I'm having a similar issue. Only a list of received items gets moved over. That's not what I need.
  3. I have an outfit which contains a link to an object. The object appears when I wear the outfit. When I search for the original object in my inventory, it does not find anything. I select the linked object, click on find original and it finds nothing. I also do a regular search of my inventory by filtering on a word unique to this object's name. It, too, finds nothing. Actually this occurs for two objects in the same folder, so it seems that the entire folder is not listed in my inventory. Strictly speaking the object is not missing from my inventory since it is listed in my received objects. I can access it from there, but I 'm not sure how the received objects really works and would just prefer ti to be back in my inventory listing where it was before. I cleared my graphics cache (mentioned in some posts as helping lost inventory problems) but that made no difference.
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