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  1. thanks all i now know that the attempt to get me banned from sl was just that. however the person doesn't own the group she banned me from.
  2. Today i was told i will be reported for ban evasion for being in a group that i was supposedly banned from yet i didn't know i was banned from it. The group was known as cuppycake collective and the group i was banned from is care free daycare. Does bann evasion term apply to just when you create an account after being banned from secondlife or does it go to groups you were banned from as well? Please answer A.S.A.P. i think the person that said that and ejected me from the group is abusing her power.
  3. true thing is when the incident occurred according to his accord he was asleep during the time it happened.
  4. i have a friend that was recently banned from sl but not of his own accord. the accusation was ageplay but he presented me with evidence that points otherwise and testimone that it wasn't his choice. he has shown me pics of the stuff used. one pic had a menu up above a table that said capture on it. is there any way to get the person unbanned if i can present evidence of entrapment?
  5. yesterday my site bullyingvictimsunite.webs.com was hacked. atm i'm looking at website security to keep the same thing from happening again. this question is directed to the lindens but what do y'all use for website security? i don't want my site hacked again.
  6. i have discovered a site that can give me lindens for free. i want to know if it's against the tos to use a linden generator to get lindens. i don't want to break any rules by doing this so i need to know. if someone can get with me on this question and answer it i will be very greatful.
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