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  1. Hello, I am a builder who uses Windows XP due t teh fact that XP supports both older games and programs as well as newer ones and is the best operating system for my gaming and building needs. No I am unable to upload to Market Place at all and in a few days I am about to loose all of my magic box listings with the new change over. i am pretty angry that SL would release an update without supporting the same operating systems that it currently supported. Please tell me that you will have a future release that supports XP or can direct me to a thrid party viewer that does. Based on the time and
  2. I just posted this question, but the answer I got did not actually answer the question. My question is: How do I convert US dollars to linden? I pay my tierin Linden to another resident, so I do have to figure this out by tomorrow when it is due. Please help!
  3. I need to get my US dollar balance back to Linden to pay my Teir & etc. I couldn't figure out the process. Please assist.
  4. I have been trying to upload my meeroo nest and BB beagle puppies to market place via the merchant outbox. I get the same error message every time "Unsellable item in folder, likely a permission problem". However, the items are transferable and sellable. I tried check marking the "for sale" button and changing it to orriginal, since the items are not copyable, but that sdidn't work either. I don't understand why i am getting that message, or what I should do to get these items to upload to marketplace.
  5. User name "baij" I cannot look at anyone's profile or search any places to teleport to. It does not matter what computer this character is logged on to. All of my other characters work fine on all computers. I suspect malicious scripting of some sort, but am not sure how to figure out what should be deleted from inventory to fix the problem Another character said that baij had a "casino tag" & I don't know what that means.
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