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  1. I guess many of you had such problem. I had a really good friend, probably the best one in SL. One day she logged, saying nothing, except "good night" and after that doesn't appear online for about a month. I am sure, she would tell me, about absence, but she just disappeared. I have her in one group, where it is written when was her last online time, and it really was that evening she logged near me... Do you think there is the way to find her email or something? I just want to hear from her... Do you think, contacting support to ask for her email will help?
  2. We are pretty experienced in SL prisons RP world and we are looking for a sim owner who'd like to have a prison on his/her sim. We do everything on our own: building, management,running the prison. But the sim owner is still the owner of a prison and can add/edit whatever he/she wants, not saying can use prisoners (within their limits off course) in any way:) Prison RP is really popular now in SL, so you'll get much more people to your sim. And we do it just for fun (because we like it), so you get the prison on your sim for free. The sim should be preferably adult or moderate. If you like the
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