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  1. Don't wanna sound ignorant, but what is ARing? Must be reporting, right? English isn't my first language haha And thank you for the advice!
  2. Hello, This is really popular in brazilian lands - when someone doesn't like anyone, they give stolen lindens. And it is what is happening to me at the moment. Some random alt is giving me 7.000L$, and I keep giving 'em back but the alt keeps giving me the lindens again. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE. I need someone to help me, I don't wanna be banned. I don't know if I should post it here, but I just don't know what to do anymore.
  3. Hi! I'm looking for a hair like this one that Gigi Gorgeous has: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCA2pUXPXy8 Does anyone knows a store that sells a hair like this?
  4. First of all, I don't know if I'm supposed to post it here. So, I rented a land more or less a week ago, and my traffic only changed on the first few days. It hasn't changed for the past 5 days, and our traffic has been much higher since we're getting more and more people What's happening? Is this a SL problem?
  5. I'm sure it's a bug. They all have tags, propper category and name. I already sold 50 copies of my 5L$ gift, how do people find it? It MUST be a bug.
  6. Hi there! I have 2 stores in Marketplace, and I decided to destroy one to create a new one with a new name and new clothing styles. When I check the "Top searched products" I see that my new clothes, all of them, appeared 0 times in search. How this could be possible? Is this a bug or something? I would like to know. Thank you! <3
  7. Hi guys! I have a store, and I wanna put a gift on it. But I want people to join my group. Is there any script where people NEED to join my group before opening the box? Thanks!
  8. Hi! I am really looking for a hair like this one xx Thank you xx
  9. Hi! I am really looking for a hair like this one xx Thank you xx
  10. Hey! I am looking for a hair like this one: Thank you xx Miyuko101
  11. Hey! I am looking for a hair like this one: Thank you xx Miyuko101
  12. Thanks for the asnwers, I camped all night and got 70L$...
  13. Check Vive9, Eva skin is THE BEST! Really!
  14. Hi! I have a urgency to get 2.000L$ 'till tomorrow, is there anyway that I cant get that? Camps or something like that? Some of you will say "Buy lindens", but I really can't... I have major economic problems in real life, and I only can buy and have what I really need... I am waiting for some answers! Thanks, Miyuko101
  15. I started to play Second Life 6 months ago, and I never bought lindens because I have really major economy problems in RL. I am here to ask if is there anyway that I can earn FAST lindens, cause a guy gave me lindens but I need to give it back 'till today. Is there any camp or something that gives 60L$ really fast? Thank you :)
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