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  1. Belleza have a application to get the device kit
  2. If I have it correct....the kits can be applied for from the designer to create clothing for Belleza. But somewhere along the lines some of those designers are either not getting the application or ignoring it. This is why I am doing this survey....to show designers that the lovers of Belleza is unhappy with the lack of some stores not making clothes. I've read the comments about this post and yes when you go to a event you will see how Maitreya only clothes rule> And I shop a lot of events,I can post designers that does Maitreya ony but that will be a long list. So I'm asking all that care to do the survey. https://goo.gl/forms/RvH2scwP1mTHJImG2
  3. I don't doubt that Belleza been dragging their feet and then after seeing Slink HG over take them wasn't good to them I'm sure. But I enjoy my Belleza body and I'm trying to get more designers interested in making more clothing for them. I chose to do it this way hoping to et positive feed back and above all get that survey full. I'm not trying to throw any blame on designer or Belleza I'm just trying to get erratic and so many other designers to make Belleza clothing. And Pussycat I'm sure you could be right but lets just hope thing changes>
  4. I go to events and do a lot of shopping and I have noticed so many outfits are for just Maitreya mostly...so what I'm saying if there are 30(just using a number) designers that do just Maitreya, I want Belleza to be along with them and their are several that is exclusive just for Maitreya
  5. i am looking to get a scoreboard that i can use in wrestling matches...it will keep the score of the wrestlers letting know who is winning...example...red....425 blues 410....and i want the color of the team and score to match the name....red=red letters
  6. im looking for a scoreboard that can be used in a wrestling match...showing who is winning nd losing.....like example..red 350...blue 235......and hopefully the team colors for each team can be displayed
  7. VelvetCush

    screen flshes

    i have a gamer laptop asus rog with nVIDIA GRAPHICS CARD....880....and when on SL my screen blinks black for a second or so then goes back to SL only to keep doing this...i have a cooling pad the laptop is new just 3 days old......and i keep battery charged...is there something i can do to fix this?
  8. I was able to hide my library of those items that i couldnt delete on my SL viewer, but they are still there on my firestorm viewer. I done advance/debug/no inventory link as suggested and that fixed the SL viewer. Now i need a solution for firestorm. VelvetCush Residetn
  9. Ok I did that cache clear link you posted before I post my question. So I need another solution to get rid of the extra folder/items .
  10. I have 11 folders in my inventory under the libraary tab that are duplicates of the orginial...but i didnt create these folders and i dont recognize any of the items they contain. I cant delete or move them, I need a solution to get rid of this. Velvetcush Resident
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