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  1. I have created some custom windlight settings that I would like to include on my parcel for everyone to see, but I'm not finding information about how I can upload the settings to the server? Or is there something else I need to do instead? Or is it even possible? And if it's not possible, why have the ability to play with it at all?
  2. The secret to a good experience on Second Life is having your graphics card support OpenGL Natively. Just because a graphics card is super-fast at, say, Skyrim will mean that it's good for Second Life. Almost all graphics cards support DirectX, which is what the majority of video games use. Second Life, however, uses OpenGL for 3D rendering. I use a GForce GTX550ti which supports OpenGL Natively, and I can run my graphics all day long on High or Ultra, at great framerates (30-70FPS). I specifically bought that graphics card because of the pricing (about $230) and because of the OpenGL Support. --Greg DJ-G
  3. We post events for our club, but they never seem to show up in the events calendar. However, searching for the club name shows the event, listed as an event. Why wouldn't it show up in the community events listing?
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