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  1. As Ansariel Hiller said, It's better off using teh graphics driver from your company that owns the graphics. Windows will just install a graphics that will help you view your screen but sometimes will not allow you to do such things. If you are running Windows 8 please make sure that your graphics have an update or anything on their websitws. If you need any sort of help doing this please feel free to contact me
  2. If you would like to see mesh, id recomend you to use Firestorm and you should be able to see it with setting nothing at all.
  3. Hey, send me a PM and ill give you a file to download so your computer running windows 8 can accept the driver, and then ill send you the link to download the link for Intel Mobile 4 Series graphics. I would also sugguest you to please check on the Intel website to make sure your computer is running the latest chipset
  4. Hey let me know what Windows 8 your running and ill send you a modified Intel Mobile 4 Graphics for you. 86 or 64
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