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  1. /Dear Rolig, Let's say you just spent $2500L on a gown, the seller doesn't deliver it, you do all you can to get delivery, write IMs, file Trouble Tickets with him and never hear a word from them... Tell me how you feel? As though you have been robbed? This seller is so arrogant he feels you are his to victimize and knows you (Linden) will do nothing to stop him or get him to fulfill his responsibilities. What you do by reciting bits and pieces from the TOS is a waste of your time and mine.. You are not problem solvers!
  2. So, having exhausted all other forms of communication with the DMC - DarkMoon Creations, I am to simply forget (along with all the other complainers) that we have been dealt with unfairly? That is like giving a fox the keys to the Henhouse!
  3. Where can I find the SL Terms of Service?
  4. On Augusst 9th I bought and paid for 6 Intan dances at DMC -DarkMoon Creations. They were not delivered. Went to DMC to get them and there is no means to do that so was directed on DarkMoon Lilliehook's profile to open a Help Ticket.. which I did later that day. No response on the 9th.. Reopened it on the 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and today the 14th. In the mean time have asked my (SL) Facebook friends for their experience with DMC and out of 10 responses....5 have LOST their purchases at DMC. That is 50% and I'm thinking is reflective of DarkMoon Lilliehook's modus oporundi! He just doesn't care to supply any customer service. As a member of the SL Community, I am governed by the Terms of Service. That provides that i do things in SL with integrity. What DarkMoon Lilliehook is doing amounts to "Robbing SL members of their paid for pleasures"! Does SL have any leverage with Mr. Lilliehook? How can we receive the dances we have paid for? I've tried communicating with him in every way possible and only after exhausting what I'd consider normal channels of communication without response am I beginning to ask Linden Labs for help. Thank you in advance for your help! Rickerr
  5. Althougth Ayumi Cassini's blogspot didn't directly answer my question, it may give me new starting places to my own creating. Am attempting to create a spiral whose auger is flattened out to move air. Her Blogspot is the most productive "Helper" I have found and the key to building so many things... Every new builder should have this in their repertoire!
  6. How can I create a spiral with standard SL viewer tools?
  7. does flying an airplane require a license or test? or have any additional cost other than the airplane cost?
  8. Happened to me, I had to fumble through it and had this been posted it would have helped a lot! I happened to be logged in when the Hacker hacked so knew what was happening after SL booted me and I couldn't log in so called my bank IMMEDIATELY! SO, if I would add to this, it's to get in touch with your bank and tell them what has happened. Thank you Rolig!
  9. What is the process to post a new PICK on my profile page? it is not clearly spelled out. I'm looking for a "HOW TO"
  10. What happens when you abandon your Linden house, how does your Linden Account change, what are the advantages/disadvantages?
  11. my avatar won't rez, is just a ball of white fuzz. did clear my cache in preferences but thats all. Was using the Dolphin Viewer when it happened but went back and tried with Singularity and got the same thing. Tried Phoenix but it crashed on launch and the SL viewer just won't open. Don't know what to do, need help, thanks in advance.
  12. Last night, while entertaining a close friend of the opposite sex in my Meadowbrook Linden Home, a STRANGE, UNINVITED PERSON appeared without invitation. I did NOT know this person, had never seen nor met this person, have no frame of reference to put her in. She refused to leave, took control of pose balls that were active, refusing to leave when asked and only did leave when she asked for a payment of $1,000L and I refused. She arrived without clothes. My question is this: I have kept my house "Locked" with Linder so how did ANYONE enter without invitation? And HOW can I insure myself and invited visitors that this kind of thing will never happen again? The damage, fallout and embarassment is immeasureable and both myself and my guest feel totally violated.
  13. I am currently residing in a Meadowbrook Quad... whick is NOT the type unit I specified when I chose Meadowbrook!! Making the dynamics of space in the quad fit my needs and inventory of furnishings is an absolute impossibility... and that was my reason for choosing a 2-story unit. My understanding at the time I moved into the Quad was that no 2-story units were available and that I would be contacted at some point by someone when one was available. That was a month ago and I'd like to have REAFFIRMED that I am on a waiting list, WHO controls this and WHERE on the fabled WAITING LIST I AM. Thanks in advance, I appreciate your help. RickerR
  14. When something goes wrong on S/L we complain.... just the way we are... but there should be a blog where you could shout out to everyone when that place has gone the extra mile to do the right thing, or provide extraordinary customer service. Why isn't there a blog for the positive stuff?
  15. People that visit my house always comment that my place is too "Laggy" and I'm not really sure exactly what that means nor what I can do to correct it. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks
  16. I've finally figured out that my maturity setting is wrong and I've tried to change it on my SL Viewer to no avail. How can I get it corrected?
  17. Rick Rowley

    how to buy sky?

    As a "Newbie" I'd like to know the process in buying "SKY" to put a sky box on. As a newcomer (and not close to being acclaimated to S/L), sorry but I'll probably need some step-by-step instructions.. Thanks in advance for your help.
  18. I am totally displeased with my avatar and have probably messed up the process for making him acceptable (through my own ignorance as a newbie) and just want to get TOTALLY RID of HIM and start fresh. I'd also like to know the step-by-step process to get rid of him totally and buy and install a new one. I'm ready to listen and take the advice of someone that knows. Hope someone can help me, thanks, RickerR
  19. I just moved into a free Linder tree house and don't like the layout at all PLUS my avatar starts sinking into the floor as he walks through the house. How do I get out of this tree house and get a normal house with no bugs in an adult area? I appreciate your help with this. Thanks in advance, RickerR
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