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  1. Thank you so much for the help! Changing DNS It seemed to fix the overall problem but i still have issues with a single parcel i frequent, i'm wondering is it possible to have a streaming service blocked in my country or by an ISP? I got the raw link to the stream but it doesn't open in any of my browsers.
  2. So i've never had issues with SL, but on some parcels the music stream doesn't come through. Generally i don't have issues with music streams, but sometimes i walk into a silent club and its eerie. I know its not a problem with group tags, i have everything set to automatically allow, and at this point i'm wondering if its my firewall causing the problem. Does anyone have any suggestion? I'm using the regular SL viewer.
  3. a very sweet girl has given me one of her extra meepets, so i am no longer in need of one, thank you everyone for the replies c:
  4. yes i was hoping for a meepet due to low upkeep costs, but i do understand its a big request, considering the cost of getting a meepet, im trying not to be picky though, any meeroo will do. any meepet no one has the time for any more, or anyone looking to unload one. but if there arent any i wont get my panties in a twist, i was just wondering. thank you for the replies guys c;
  5. does anyone have any extra meepet they happen to have or dont want any more? id be happy to take one off your hands, im only looking for 1 meeroo to have as a pet, and i have little to no L or if anyone knows a cheap seller, i would love to know about them color or species doesnt matter to me, i just want a cute meeroo to accompany my av and meet other people on sims c; thank you
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