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  1. well, why not give me a hit-up in world? There is always room in my family for one more, lol
  2. Perhaps you would like to contact me inworld to discuss this?
  3. That's the great thing about the internet, it has its own history and that is available for all to see and even comment on......Long may it continue.
  4. Your last point is a very valid one. Most of the STATUS of Progeny players seem to come from and depend on, their soul count in Bloodlines. I would conjecture that probably the costs of building and keeping a reasonable soul count in Bloodlines was just too much for them, so they decided to start again, with a "free to play" game that allowed them to keep their Bloodlines status and give them access to similar people in Bloodlines that couldn't really afford to play. Its just a thought!
  5. I still find some PV players from time to time, but from what I have seen they are a shadow of their former numbers. There are other games now that do much the same as PV, that is, getting you onto a database that you don't want to be on. I wont name names here but if you are interested then please IM me in world and I will spill the beans. xx
  6. perhaps those interested in an in depth discussion of the rights and wrongs of the Progeny system should look here?
  7. It is here and still getting hits, so job done, lol
  8. Its so nice to see this topic is still generating interest! Is Progeny Vampire even still going? Last I heard they had all run for the hills after another game (fronted by Oberon) poached their players, lol.
  9. Dear Perrie, Thank you for contribution to this thread! You seem to be under the misconception that this post was started as some kind of attempt to moan about something and that was not the intention at all. The purpose of my initial post was to gain a personal feeling as to what the (non Troll) populace of these forums thought about the concept of non players of certain systems being used (in a data sense) in a game that they had no knowledge of. I make no accusations toward any PARTICULAR system, having learnt from previous postings that naming and shaming is frowned upon by certain moderators of these very forums.
  10. As always, a full and lengthy answer. Thank you for time contributing.
  11. Does it matter if they are affected or not? I do not see that matters, the question is or rather should be, should a game retain details of a person on an out of SL server, without that persons consent?
  12. Hi everyone, Is it "right" to involve people in something without their knowledge? I am meaning in particular a selection of games within SL that use non players as a source of food or power and put them on a database within that game. Just a question for you, please feel free to comment!
  13. Hi Akashala, My small family clan is open to BLOODLINES only people, if you want to take a look, please feel free to message me inworld.
  14. /me Hurls another insult........if you don't "spend much time in SL" what do you possibly think you can do by commenting here? Get in world and check it out for yourself before you crown yourself as any kind of educator!
  15. Innula, the point that Cleo and I have made, time and again, is that the PV's choose to use Landing hubs and social areas BECAUSE they are not policed. They also seem to take great delight in TELLING a perspective player, "oh you are a shade, such and such did that to you" and so they spread hate and distrust. My own personal view now is that I couldn't give a flying F what PV's do, as long as it dosn't involve my avatar in any way, and that INCLUDES being on some two-bit PV database. People should know about the PV game, they can make their own choices as to if they want to play or not. That is what I and many like me have been trying to do, raise awareness of something that is kept secret for no good reason.
  16. parece que puede haber tocado una fibra sensible con ese comentario, sonrisas.
  17. I doubt that Mr Dres has the time or inclination to visit anywhere in SL that he cannot be in control of his own destiny. But you have given me an idea with the suggestion Cleo. How about we offer "tours of PV feeding grounds" ?
  18. Es extraño que hay tantos miembros de habla española de la progenie-vampiro. Tal vez hay algún tipo de vínculo entre eso y la forma en que se comportan? No es una declaración racista, sólo una observación.
  19. The main reason that I STILL go into SL is that I have made many friends there on my "anti progeny crusade" LOL. Anyway, my point of posting here has always been about one thing for me, that is the exposure of a group of bullies that go by the name of Progeny Vampires. I never started posting to do anything other than to raise awareness of the system. Now I don't really give a rats a*se if certain people don't agree with my thinking or actions as long as I achieve my goal, which as I have said before is to inform the populous of SL about PV......what they do with that information is up to them, hell they can join it if they want, but I would hope that they see it for what it is. For the most part, I am in agreement with what has been said about "ignoring PV" and "going someplace else" and if I were a more liberal type of man then that is probably exactly what I would do. The trouble is, ignoring a problem does not help in finding a solution or a common ground, all it does is empower the bullies by letting them think they have "won". Anyway, have fun everyone! Love Gooseneck. xxxx
  20. So is the mighty Oberon is in fact, just another xenophobic, anti free thinking moron? It rather looks that way Or maybe he just dosn't like me.......LOL
  21. I really think these forums need a "like" button for comments!
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