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  1. Wait! Umm we can Advertise for a second life husband? Why didn't somebody tell me! I'll take a tall, musclebound redhead with a mustache who never asks me how much I weigh! Who'll feed me lots of chocolate covered strawberries and does whatever I say! Of course I'd be too dumbstruck to do anything so he'd get away with doing nothing.. But joking aside..
  2. I don't think it's too much to ask, and I hope it really can be found. Because that's what I want. Has anyone noticed that basically what people say about finding love in the 'real world' is the same thing they are saying about finding love in second life? 'Don't look for it and it will find you'? Maybe that's true, because I certainly don't look to get pervs hitting on me at sandboxes, nor vamps stalking me at freebie stores asking me to join their family (don't remember if I actually did or not lol), but they did and do find me. But when you're lonely, just saying 'I'm not going to look for
  3. I dream every night of a love I'm missing while awake. A love that is pure, and kind, fun and spontaneous. Some mornings, the dream makes me smile when I wake, almost as if it's real. Other times it's like torture, waking to find it's only a dream. Then I find second life, I log on and wander around. Looking and searching, but still as lonely online as off. I log off and go back to sleep. And Dream.
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