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  1. Not sure this is where i need to post this. Anyway...I am wanting to make a shoulder sit for a tiny avie to sit on a big avie, but i don't want it to be one of those vehicle type one...i was just wanting as simple prim, like a tiny chair with a sit animation in it that was attached to my shoulder. I don't even know if its possible, all they ways i've tried haven't worked so if anyone has any ideas i would be grateful, thank you.
  2. I assume I am going into the actual realms. I walk through the portals, and I get a welcome message. There are also the rock creatures that chase me, so I assume that means im in the actual realms part, but still no HUD.
  3. I am having the same problem with not ever seeing the HUD, and I have went to every park and into every portal there is that I can see and nothing. I'm using the SL viewer, its been updated, all my drivers are updated. I've even taken off all my other HUD's such as AO's. Still no sign of the HUD, and it doesn't ever recognize me as even being there before. It is slightly annoying...i'd like to know if i am doing something wrong. I'm teleporting there from the search page, is that wrong? Do i need to access the parks another way? Please help!
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