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  1. Full SL Name Tika Mixemup Age: 28 Orientation (straight/gay/bi): Bi Time Zone: SLT SL? RL? Open?: SL I am seeking (friendship/dating/LTR): Dating Online from (times here using PST): ?-? I'm on random time i try to be on everyday Favorite SL activities: Shopping dancing Hangout Games Turns on: honestly Someone who is willing to talk and who has big heart Turnoffs: Rude and if you start off with u wanna ***** your block No Noobs Five words that describe me: I'm very sweet And I love meeting new people About me (no more than 250 characters, MUST be filled out): well to st
  2. I’m always down for this I’d love to meet you and get to know u more
  3. I’ve had same issues your more then welcome to message me in world My user name is Tika mixemup
  4. Hi my name is Tika What do you think of my AV 
  5. To say there no real woman in so is in some what true but untrue I'm a real rl female there just slit males that play female AV so watch out for that lmao u can usely tell if they won't voice with you
  6. I'm thinking about going premium but it's like ever were I look people just over price lands I'm looking for something that he 300L week with bit of decent amount of prims ever were I've look want 300l week for 100 to 60 prims just crazy so if u have amazing deal let me know must be prim baby and pet friendly lol
  7. HI tika Im single in sl Im only for sl I would love to Have partner who wants to have a family and loving wife Im super friendly I stay true to who am Im the same person on sl as Im in rl i don't hide who im Im a real female I will voice to prove it lol Im Just looking for some to spend my time with on sl have family and do thing together
  8. there is so many Photographer her in sl i think now days most people do there own or have friend do it, I do Photographer And never get any people asking me for a Photographer I hope you find what ur looking for
  9. Hi I'm Tika Im wanting to rp As a doc or Nurse My rp isnt really that good i use to be have rp why back in 2006 but left sl for 5 years came back lost my touch I would like To rp people useing the mama allpa hud or the POOTERBILT Users Im willing to be trained if you can it seams like something i would enjoy doing :) Note that I do have a Disbitley in rl and I have hard time spell becouse of it but i want to learn how to rp better might help with my spelling as well I do voice That goes along with that to sernt words are hard for me to say :)
  10. ON DUTY does have Happy birthday tummy if u got u give birth after so many days and then pay like 300l for the baby the baby never groes up tho
  11. Hi i make Toddleedoo shapes and onther things well i was hopeing to find little spot to rent out So i can star making money i have mp but hardly any buys from it I need about 100 prims I found few but not lot traffic and they want 550 week for its
  12. I have gotten in email saying i need to switch to the Merchant outbox But when i try dragging something in the Merchant outbox It show up as a cancel button I have ask Support group but Ive tried few things they said and it still does it I do have markplaces store and I'm just trying switch it to the Merchant outbox But not letting me So any ideals I filed a Jar I have gotten back they gave me this CommerceTeam Linden commented on BUG-1939: ------------------------------ ------------ Please download the Merchant Outbox Project Viewer then follow the steps outlined in the DD Migration FAQ reg
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