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  1. You know, this is really what I've been reduced to. I am very loyal, caring, protective, I love pampering and I am willing to devote myself to just one female. But without this expectation that I need to be with her every minute I'm online and minus the accusations and misc drama that comes with labels. I have nothing to hide and would gladly lay my SL before her with the prerequisite that she is willing to do the same. So here I am. I enjoy female company too much to just stay away, so this is my alternative...
  2. male, central time, caring, devoted and I've been told I'm a romantic. I would love to meet an easy going, fun and sweet lady for companionship in SL. I'll define "companionship" - NO LABELS as I find these come with jealousy, obligation, drama, stress. I'm not coming in SL to deal with any of that. We'll have a relationship where we go out to dinner, dancing, sailing or any fun activity, we can spend time cuddling by a fire, talking, taking vacations together, intimacy of course. I enjoy spoiling and pampering once a bond has been formed. I am only seeking one special lady to be my companion and will devote my attention to her WITHOUT the expectation that we need to spend every minute of our log in time together. She will be free to pursue other relationships beyond what we have if this is her wish. We WON'T be dating, partnered, married...whatever. My preference is a woman 34 years or older please.Message me inworld if you're interested in knowing more.
  3. Hey! I would like to meet a female for some uncomplicated fun and friendship. My perfect friend would be kind and caring, enjoys sex (nothing toooo wild), nice looking avatar - no major preference for race or species, but please no one too short. I am a tall avatar and prefer someone anatomically compatible. She'll also be ok with just being good friends. About me: I'm kind and patient and attentive. Uncomplicated Message me inworld please if you're interested.
  4. Greetings! Are there any fantasy families looking to add a new member? Elves or such creatures. I am an adult elven male and looking for a family not based out of a RP sim. I am friendly and loyal and would really like adult siblings, parents. neices, nephews or whatever. Please send me a message.
  5. Who really wants a loud and pretensious BDSM brat wreaking havoc in their home??? I certainly don't. Perhaps consider altering your post. First impressions ..you understand.
  6. Hi, I have a small family who I adore, a nice estate that's private and peaceful, great sims I enjoy exploring and frequenting, yet...when my family has logged off I find myself with a void. I need a woman to share some of my time with. I am NOT seeking to get married - been there, endured that. I also DON'T want to date because that can come with its overbearing expectations as well. what i would like: A female FRIEND who i can cuddle, explore, talk with. Preferably one who has a medieval or fantasy themed character - but i am not strictly into this. A woman who is mature and won't be firing off gestures every 5 seconds. Someone I can introduce to my family - i don't want our friendship to be a secret. And of course intimacy, but I'd like us to take our time getting to that point. THIS IS FOR SL ONLY. What she can expect from me: A true friend, a protector when she needs it, loyalty (i need only 1 woman), my attention, my devotion, my ear to listen and my shoulder to lean on. My time - we can spend it in any way: dancing, talking, cuddling at home by a fire, on the beach, exploring...and when we're ready - passion. Send me a message..let's talk
  7. I'm looking to either join/start a rp family. I prefer a small and intimate group of dedicated people. I had that once and really enjoyed it: a mother, sister, brother and a daughter. I was married before and not really seeking to get into another SL relationship as the ones I've endured before have more or less driven me crazy. So NO, not going to be someone's spouse. I usually rp in medieval sims and have my own medieval home, but I'm not strictly into that setting. When I lived with my daughter she went to modern schools and had a modern bedroom. We also had modern things around the house. My ideal would be to have SL siblings (adult or much younger - I'm always an adult), a mother or father (or both) , a daughter would be nice to have again (as long as she doesn't mind a single parent and isn't trying to monopolize all my time and attention) Send me a message inworld if anyone is either interested in starting something with me or adding me to a pre=existing family. I take rp seriously and would really like to find others who do as well. Thanks!
  8. It seems very hard to find serious rp in SL. Please correct me if i'm wrong. I enjoy exploring and interacting on rp sims, but what I have been searching for is a close group to rp within - like a family of lycans, elves or even mercenaries. I want a group where there is a heirarchy - an appointed leader whom the members have an allegiance too and ranks. In no way am i looking for a family/clan who spend all their time bickering or trying to have sex with each other. If anyone has any suggestions on where I can find such rp please let me know! I'd be forever in dept to you! THANKS!!
  9. Hi, I am an adult male. I'm seeking a family to either start or join. I would preferf a small close family, preferably anything other than suburban life or baroque. Can be a blend of modern and period like medieval, Lycans, pirates, aristocrats - again no strict time frame. I would love to find parents, brothers and/or sisters, a cousin or 2 - but people who are dedicated and serious about forming a bond in this virtual world. We can laugh together, cry together..make wonderful memories together. Please IM me inworld if you seek the same.
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