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  1. Guys, I have lots of stuff in my inventory to rezz. but can not find a place where I can do it. Any tips? Thanks
  2. I just found out that the eyes where the problem. Finally I do exist again . Thanks all.
  3. I have tried all solutions and still the problem has not been resolved. I received a few messages about server issues in Europe and that this causes the problem. How can I find out if this is the case? I am really fed up with all the time I have to spend to get this resolved. Any ideas? Thanks for all the help so far, guys.
  4. Thanks. Let's see if that will bring a solution.
  5. Tried everything. Nothing works. This sucks......
  6. Thanks Valerie. I have ytried most of it but it does not work. I have taken off all tattoo's. But there are 3 sklns worn and I can not take them off. 1 of them is a demo. I really do not know how I can solve this.
  7. I have issues with detaching wormnbody parts. I have tried everything to get them of but it does not work. I must have done something wrong but now my whole avatar has gone. I can not see mystelf anymore. It is just a vage red/brown pulsing "thing".Anybody had this before? How can I solve this? Thanks!
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