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  1. Hello, since months ago have a problem with my inventory. I tried change viewer and re install them even, but nothing works. I always used Singularity, and now cant move for my inventory searching for letter. I try search a folder for exaample, beginning for G, and slide bar dont move to G. Dont know why but before always had can search folders by name or initial letter. How can fix this? My viewer version is last of singularity 64, but with Alpha and 32 dont work either
  2. Hola,tengo un problema de soporte con Linden Lab y estoy harto de que me respondan los tickets de día en día. Alguien me podría decir un teléfono de soporte de Linden Lab en Español, a poder ser gratuito o por Skype, y en qué horarios operan? Gracias
  3. Hi, i am thinking in cancel my account but i want save my inventory before. I liked save all the objects of my inventory in my pc,Is it possible with some software? or only can save the items what you created and be full perms? Last question... if i get save my inventory,must load it in the same avatar or can load it in a new avatar? Thank you
  4. Hi, i'm considering cancel my account,but i want know if i can reactivate it in any moment. I know what i have some days for reactivate my account before of that this be totally cancel and that i must pay for re.activate it,but if my account is cancel finally and long time after i want recuperate it. How much time do i have for recuperate it? days? months? indefinite? .My account is basic membership. Thanks for all
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