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  1. I'm very careful with my computer, I keep my CPU temps at 30-40C when running phoenix viewer/any other high end game. (Copper heat sink) My graphic card temperature never goes above 65C when it crashes (or in any other game I play). I have very good airflow so heat isn't the problem. I start to notice the sluggish starting at around 1200K kpbs usage and when it reaches 1300+ I start to get 1 fps/second and I have to ctrl-alt-delete and force the program to close. This "sluggish" fps behavior also starts when there are a lot of people on screen and I "swing" my camera around, the viewer takes a few seconds to "think". In a lightely crowded area I can reach 40-60+FPS on max settings. Do you think the cause could be coming from my mcafee virus program? It's the only thing I can think of because years ago I had to allow a older game not to be scanned by it to run the game.
  2. The memory leak does lead to a crash after about a 40 minutes or so when the usage goes to 1400K kbps. Crashing also happens when I move my in world camera around a lot of people which boosts the memory usage crashing the viewer.
  3. Hello, I am currently using Phoenix Viewer and there is a severe memory leak. I love the viewer and have tried others like second life V2 viewer and firestorm but I like phoenix better. Firestorm breaks flexi prims and V2 is "sluggish" to me. So I am looking into a way of fixing the severe memory leak in pheonix viewer. Here is a picture of how much memory phoenix viewer uses at the start up: http://i1146.photobucket.com/albums/o540/FFggjfjfjfjff/memoryleak.png The viewer uses about 720K kbps(700~mbps) at start up. After about 20 minutes it climbs to 850K. Another 20~30 minutes it hits 1000K then to 1200K and if I have anything else major opened on my pc it will crash because my computer has only 4GB of memory. Also when it crashes the CPU usage is always below 10% if that is another clue. I have a 2.67Ghz core I5 processor, evga 560Ti with correctly updated graphic drivers, 4GB of memory, and a regular disk harddrive (Graphic driver version 295.73). Does anyone have any clue what could be causing this severe memory leak? This ONLY happens with phoenix viewer. Is there a fix to this problem? Any advice will help!
  4. I found a "store" in the market place that is currently selling models from another game. It is a obvious blatant rip from the game, from the mesh, to the animations, and it is currently being sold in the SL market place. This needs to be pulled fast before the company that owns these models get in contact with Sl. Without smearing the name I wont say it here but I want to report this to a linden lab employee or administer of SL. Where do I report this? If I get messaged by a linden administer I'll tell them the name and give them the links.
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