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  1. I've been having the exact same problem for days now. I've followed all of the advice you;'ve been given with no success. I've even files a claim for help and was directed to come back here for help. When I explained that I was told here to go to them for help then I was told that it wasnt a problem on their end and that it was on my end. Oddly enough there are several people all having the exact same issue and the odds that all of us are all having internet issues are next to impossible when you consider that we're all scattered across the globe. Forums is doing the best they can and is offering the only known advice they can offer. SL Support is not trying to help us at all. I hope you have better luck than I have had so far. But I truly do appreciate the Forum for all the advice they have tried to give.
  2. I have been trying all day to log into SL and when I land I'm a orange cloud. That's normal for when you first arrive and beginning to rez, however I can't seem to ever rez. I've tried rebaking numerous times and even tried Texture Refresh numerous times. I've also removed all items that I was wearing and nothing seems to fix the problem. I've switched viewers from Firefox to the SL viewer and the same problem exist there as well, except I'm a solid white circle. I've also noticed an increase in crashing when I try to TP to a less active spot to see if it might help me to rez. Also, my items are not removing and I'm having to log off & back on just to make them remove. I've checked the Grid and I dont see anything related to this or anything simular to this. So I'm asking here if others are experiencing this problem as well as what I can do to solve it. I've already cleared my Cache repeatedly and all other SL sites are working fine. Only problem I'm experiencing is rezzing fully InWorld. Any help available would be most appreciated. If this continues then I will file a report (I know someone will suggest this so I'm stating it ahead of time). ((UPDATE)) I have read the advice given and attempted to log in at Cyclops/154/146/4 (causing me to crash & showing me the screen with the "Viewer Chat" & "Quit" options) but my Outfits still will not load. Also, I have one item that refuses to detach regardless of how much I try. I have attempted to right click the item on the screen>detach and also Inventory>item itself>right click>detach but it's still there. The item does not appear as being worn in the Outfits screen but it does apprear as being worm in Inventory. I've managed one time to completely switch outfits (including shape, skin, hair, eyes) and return to the original avatar from when I first started but even that will not rez. The Outfit screen shows that it's finished loading (at times but not always) the items but I'm still a orange ghost cloud. Also, I have turned off RLV as instructed (Preference>Firestorm>General) and logged back in as well as attempted to follow the instructions of Ctrl + I > Library > Clothing > Initial Outfits >drag & drop on my avatar but nothing happens. At this point I'm all out of ideas and I noticed that others are reporting the same problem. I've even attempted to do as they were instructed with no success.
  3. I may have to switch my OS to Lynix and I'm wondering if I will still be able to access SecondLife. Can someone please tell me if I can still come to SL while using Linux? Thank you. Thank you Rolig Loon. I really appreciate you're time in answerimg this for me. :) Thank you Theresa for also helping me with my question :)
  4. I created a group two days ago and would like to turn off abilities within that group to members but I can't figure out how. When I go to Roles and scroll down the list I cannot turn off any of the abilities that are listed for any member in the group. What am I doing wrong? Thank you so much.
  5. I created a group yesterday, have at least 2 members, checked the box that says "Show In Search" but it still doesnt show up when I try to search for it. Have I done something wrong or does it take a long time before it will appear along with all the other gropus that are out there?
  6. I'm wondering where the membership fee goes when someone joins my new group and if i have total acess to it.
  7. I'm interested in finding out what different types of male reproductive organ's are out there that can get a woman pregnant without the useage of a special Hud like Mama Allpa. So far I have heard of two, one being the OnDuty and the other being SSN. I'd also like to know how each one works in regards to the woman. If anyone can list them for me I would gratefully apprecaite it and please feel free to IM me with your answer because I'm not sure if I can actually ask a adult question like this here or not and I do not wish to offend anyone. Thank you for your time in helping me, I hope you have a wonderful day. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: While I fully understand that all pregnancies on SL is roleplay, that doesn't have anything to do with my question. There are some male organs (sorry, but the clicnical term is bleeped out when posted) that is avalable that allow the woman to experience the pregnancy without the use of a Hud of any kind. I'd like to know what different types of male organs or availuable that allow that to happen. So far I have only heard of the OnDuty & SSN but have heard that others are out there. OR at least some other type of item that when used can allow your partner to become pregnant. In either case, it is these items that I am trying to learn about by first learning what all is avalable that can achieve this result, such as the Mama Allpa & PooterBuilt Huds can do, but without having to rely on either of these. yes...i understand that it takes 2 people. i am 1 of the two. I am a woman, now just from what the MALE can get I would like to know what is avalable for them. As a woman I have the option of getting the Mama Allpa or the PooterBuilt (please forgive my spelling if it's not correct), but I know for a fact that men have the option of getting what is called the OnDuty which eliminates me from needing any type of hud. All that is needed is for me to be with them. So I'm wondering what else is avalable for men that is just like that.
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