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  1. who is dee linden,it says that she is the owner of thousand palms mitta.i can't get ahold of any one that will help me.why not?i pay my rent,and now i am blocked out of everything where i live.i'm very upset by this.i got a new computer for christmas and installed sl on it and nothing has worked right since.......help!!!!!!!!!!what the heck am i doing wrong.everything worked fine until i got a new computer.my cat is sick because she can't eat,im locked out .......omg i'm having an anxiety attack over this stuff.i used to love sl,but now i'm very stressed about the whole deal.i can't seem to get any help from linden labs,so what am i supposed to do.
  2. i have been trying to contact my landlord,because i can,t enter my house.this has been going on for about 2 weeks now.i live at thousand island palms,mitta.my landlord is elwood abernathy.i have no clue what is going on .my rent is paid up,actually i pay for weeks at a time.i have no music,no nothing,i have tried to im el,to no avail.i'm ready to pack it up and call it quits but i can't get into the house.i'm very frustrated at this point.
  3. for two days now my avi has been a floating egg.what can i do to resolve this problem?
  4. i ordered a pet doberman from breedable pets and the site won;t let me register unless i give them complete access to my account.i would like to know why this has to be done,because now my pet is dying and i do not want to give this access.
  5. everything in the world rezzes,except my avatar,she is a white sphere.i don't know what to do to fix the problem.
  6. i went through the same thing.afterwarda vampire told me that my soul was in'limbo',at first i was upset;not knowing any better but then i found out some interesting things.the first is that it is only a scare tactic aimed to get you caught up in the vamp game,and second my soul belongs to christ and my soul is his alone.don't worry yourself over nothing.at least now that you've been bit it won't happen again.
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