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  1. Would you have suggested a different set of words to use when reporting the item when it looked like it wasn't genuine to Secondlife? Maybe my words were poorly worded but i still stood by the thought of "it looks cartoonish." Which i would have happily changed if they brought it to me. I know for a fact these reviews were made up and not by genuine buyers. both buyers were friends of mine and had connections within "the" group. One of which started causing Drama with myself and my group in world. I know these two people because they Roleplay on the same sim i did previously. I have / had logs both in SL and of their Discord and their discussions about things happening in world. They have the same groups (Some public, some private). I can say without a doubt these people are connected to each other and i am sure that LL would easily be able to tell this far better than i could. So either logs, Screenshots, or even people can be named as evidence here, as i find it very convenient they both reviewed immediately (And one even mentions my review) As such "he one star review is somebody with sand in there panties."
  2. *edit* I have to change this a bit as a few people are getting a bit confused so i'll lay it out a bit Script: To announce things randomly through channel chat (Not broadcasted through the entire sim) For a Bar-type RP. (So it reads stuff like "Tiana: Did you hear? Ben and Tina are going out? Mark: No way!" or "* A couple are discussing the new love triangle between mark ben and Tiana.*" The object's name i don't personally care, It could be "NPC Chat" or " ". This script will announce things every lets say 360 seconds. Prince range: 0-10$L C/T/M: Copy only (Mod if its doable for the price.)
  3. I am looking for a script that reads lines from a NC and randomy displays messages from it as if NPC's were chatting, i need this to be a short range so about the size of a typical house. I've looked on MP and i've only found Clickies, this needs to work so i can have it sitting in an area and it'll work without anyone touching it. Anyone seen / know of something like that i can use?
  4. Alright the object i am trying to wear is "Mask of the ribcage slaughter" and for a few seconds a yellow triangle appears over my head telling me somethings gone wrong. I've cleared my cache in firestorm and thats done nothing, and even tried the debug setting trick in meshcurrent (Or what ever it was.) Anyone else got any idea on how to fix this as it only seems to happen on the slaughter mask.
  5. Alright the object i am trying to wear is "Mask of the ribcage slaughter" and for a few seconds a yellow triangle appears over my head telling me somethings gone wrong. I've cleared my cache in firestorm and thats done nothing, and even tried the debug setting trick in meshcurrent (Or what ever it was.) Anyone else got any idea on how to fix this as it only seems to happen on the slaughter mask.
  6. It has been over 24 hours its over 30 now. I have asked the merchants and they say i have not paid for the items. Nothing has been sent to me and so on.
  7. It is the 10th, 12:30am by SL time. All i want is a refund of my linden because i need some of this stuff i bought, the rest i do not need anymore after finding replacements.
  8. i purchased yesterday quite alot of items during the lag, i havn't recieved them nor the refund that usually comes within 8 hours, its been just about 24 hours for a majority of those items. When can i expect a refund for these as i cannot contact support, it continiously says its "Down"
  9. It is a public format and i am sure i have more than enough right to talk where and when i please? I do not need to be told when i can?.. i do not live in the U.S but this is a club that has voice OPEN to the public, Not some private thing where only certain people can talk, its a social environment where you dance around, chat in local / Voice. i am 21 years old so i would like to say that if someone says "hey i dont like what your mic is doing, please turn it off." I find it a bit offensive since rather than try and work it out on their end (Which i do for countless people i hear on voice.) they would rather take it to the person and say "hey your mic is kinda annoying, please turn it off." It is not professional at all. This is a Diablo 3 Steelseries Headset, sensitivity is probably the second best i have owned (First being turtle beach PX3 Headset...dont buy it.) If there is something effecting my mic that i -know- i can control, i keep it off (Such as a fan.) But as far as i have seen in the settings for this headset, there is no real way i can adjust the sensitivity of how this works. And honestly to all those like ameth who just keep posting flame bait, i am reporting. Tired of it.
  10. And heart would the staff members at that club ever say something like that to a paytron? who just wanted some equal treatment? Voice is enabled at this club and its not like i was demanding to have voice.
  11. I agree with heart, I have met several dancers of alot of types and they are all very nice. And if heart made 5,000$L per day and the clubs percentage rate was 10% the club would have made 500$L for her dancing alone. So there is a profit coming in.
  12. Before reading, I have read a few comments of people not reading anything of what i said suggesting i left out details or was being "Childish" or rude. No, If i was allowed to show logs, I would. But i actually read the LL policies. so thanks to hermoine especially on that part for making asumptions of others. Skipped through alot of the replies i got (Wasnt expecting so many in such little time) This is word for word what i was told by the Staff first off 'If your lagging to much might be worth while not to use voice but ok' I wasnt using any other program or such, and my mic is a bit sensitive, but i was suffering for a slight amount of lag / Crashing viewer and my mic was apparently cutting out. So rather than use any of the tools provided he felt it was needed to tell me to get off voice, which i dont see as fair. I took this to apparently the "2nd in command" of the club and he told me as i said before that it was a business. Now to refer to something as a business you MUST, Buy, Sell, Or trade. (its a dictionary term.) And i have asked other club owners, and they do not refer to people within their establishments as "Guests" but Paytrons. If we were guests, we wouldnt be required, or offered at all, to tip or buy anything. The moment you put up tip jars or a market selling items, You have started turning 'guests' into paytrons. And they would have some Equal rights. Everyone else on was talking this isnt about "Hey i am here, i want the right to talk.". everyone else was talking and i wanted to join in, only to be told to keep my mic off. Its an Equal right that i am sure i deserve even Digitally? when i took the complaint to the '2nd in command' I was not rude at all, i just said "hey i am having some trouble with some staff members basicly getting told to shut up. i wasnt "Straightening up" anything, i was saying i was being harrassed by the staff. to which i was replied with the business statement said earlier I think thats all i have to answer since the rest is either BS about me making something up when i cannot legally post any logs without getting my ass banned, Or people assuming that i just was trying to be annoying in voice when i was actually trying to join in like any of you would join into a conversation. "Hey how is everyone" "Your mic is lagging turn it off." P.S If you intend to write a comment stating that i was being rude in any way or making any of this up, please dont post? I dont mind answering questions you may have and replying in as much detail as i can, but i cannot post logs to "prove" what i said due to LL policies which can get anyone banned if they post Private IM logs. P.S.S the "Reason here" was put there due to the fact that both times it was something different. Not exactly for "Reason here." I think some of you took that far too literally.
  13. I just thought i'd post this and not mention names/ Clubs and let people decide. I have recently enjoyed several clubs and recently i was told to be quiet over voice (I am not a child i am an adult being told to shut up due to -reason here-) So the staff of this club were being rather rude. I took this complaint to the Complaints manager (Apparently) And this is the response i got summarised 'This is a BUSINESS, You do not have any rights here, you just have a privledge to be here. If a staff member gets a complaint they can tell you to be quiet which i find as more than fair.' Now i have had to straighten this guy up, A business, in general is something buys or sells something to consumers. So anyone inside is not a GUESt but a Consumer, paytron, or w.e have you. This club has its own Marketplace, It sells land on its sim, has DJ's, dancers etc, anything you can tip. But in this respect i do not have any right to talk if i want to? This is something i find quite appauling, i am not trying to be a dick or anything swaggering in and saying "I have the right to do what i want" i understand there are rules, but if people are talking, and i want to talk as well, I do think i would have the right to? I dont know if LL has any policies about sims that do this or not but to call yourself a business, but call anyone inside a "Guest" is a bit.."eh?" since if people were guests within your sim then wouldnt it be more of a community hub? I am waiting to hear back from the clubs higher ups but till then i do not agree with how i was treated.
  14. Would writing down their XYZ help at all with that? or would it be useless because its bigger.
  15. Quad I am looking at a size of about, half a humans height or as tall as a human (So 3-6 metres? or w.e the scales are) I already bought it, i can mod it fully.
  16. Hey i need a tip to help make a dog bigger and use a different shape. Anyone got any quick and easy tips to make this as painless as possible? lol
  17. These are two prim TV's the cheap plasma 0$ ones that you have to manually places a media texture ontop of the screen for it to work. But after reading what you are saying it does seem Impossible which is kinda sad, i wanted both screens to stream the same video when DJing guess i'll have to figure something else out. Thanks anyways guys
  18. Hey i am trying to link two TV's to show the same content, these are the free low prim TV's where you have to manually apply the Media stuff on the screen But i want these two screens two play the same media in sync. Does anyone know how?
  19. I am looking for someone to make me a matching Exoskeleton pair of legs + chin piece for my AV, The Mask/head was already made but i don't think she wants to continue it on. IM me for more Info the overall design for the chin-piece is not hard but the legs may be.
  20. I've checked Grendels and someone has helped me make the Head i needed but now i need some more parts to fully match it Such as feet, leg exoskeleton, Arm Exoskeleton, Claws, Tail(maybe), chest exoskeleton and a goatee type thing Or possibly just a texture to match the Mask with.
  21. I am looking for a moddable Set of horns, head or w.e that is in a V shape and has no eyes (Much like An alien Queens head crest but in a V pattern) Could someone help me find one or IM me about how they could help please?
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