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  1. Im using firestorm v4.4 and Im having problems getting my avatar to walk in a straight line. She keeps veering off to the left. Please help.
  2. how do i add pictures from my pc to my inventory?
  3. Sukiss


    If I downgrade to basic membership do I lose my free home? If so, when I decide to upgrade again am I entitled to another free Linden home? Thanks
  4. I purchased a bedroom set yesterday in the marketplace. When I rezzed it most of the items have no texture of colour.... they are just grey. I contacted the seller who assured me that this is not possible and it must be my graphics card. I have a hp dv8 with a geforce gt 230 M graphics card. This is top of the range and I have not had any problems viewing textures in SL or other Sim based programs. I have informed her of this. Can you tell me what my rights are in this case? Thanks
  5. How do I delete messages in my INBOX?
  6. i tried Phoenix viewer a week or so back.... still no difference. Also i have tried diff web browsers. Since I joined i have had nothing to my private email address or my Sukiss inbox here.
  7. Ive reloaded the viewer and ticked all the boxes as suggested. Im still not receiving messages or off line IMs to my email address or messages to my Sukiss inbox. Ive been a member since May and Ive not had anything since I joined. Please help.
  8. I am not receiving messages to my page or any emails to my private SL email address. Also I have sent messages whilst offline from my profile account. One wasnt received and the other was blank when opened. Any ideas please?
  9. If I take a snapshot in world and save to my PC how do i then post it onto my feed? Thanks
  10. How do I stream music in my new home?
  11. Sukiss


    If there a tutorial somewhere that will show me how to decorate my free home? I have furniture and other items but need to know how to place them and use pose balls etc and alos how to use building materials for my roof and walls. Thanks
  12. Sukiss

    Blank Profile ??

    Other profiles are OK though... only my partners is grey and shoes as "This name is unavailable" Surely if it was my browser it would effect them all? I have tried viewing in world also and its exactly the same. The most annoying part is not being able to send a message and post. Sighs.......
  13. Sukiss

    Blank Profile ??

    When I click on my partners profile I just get a gray blank screen. I have viewed this profile before with no problems but this past week it is completely blank... no picture either. He says he can see it fine. Also I am unable to send him emails. I have looked in the forums and blogs. There are numerous questions similar to mine but no answers. Please help as this is now ridiculous
  14. Someone sent me a gift EXDEPART GIFT 2012 and when I opened it it seems to be a huge spammer opening hundreds of notecards. I have deleted the object but how do I remove all the notecards which are showing as scrolling boxes across the top of my screen? It will take me ages to click on each one. Help Please!
  15. If I block someone can they still see me in world or does that just stop them from contacting or sending me an IM?
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