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  1. Blackfoot River is hiring for: Police department all ranks under Asst. Chief including a detective postion. Fire department all ranks This is a role play town and will setting roleplay situations that last over the next few weeks and months. These are only roleplay jobs will not be paid linden. Uniforms are not provided. We use Prostreet for our vehicles and they are supplied by the department. Contact girdley12, renesmee.silversmith or Smith Pawpad inworld for more information and to apply.
  2. Blackfoot River Sheriff's Department is hiring two sheriff deputies. Must be 30 days or older to apply. Come to Blackfoot River 92,180,117 or contact girdley12 inworld.
  3. Hiring all PD positions Prostreet Enforcers furbished. If you are interested in roleplaying this might be for you, we are hiring for Police Officers in our roleplay town. You must have some knowledge of police duties. You can go to our website to see our map of our community http://www.zirgarestates.com or you can go to vingolf (27,213,30) directly to our police station. We also have a in house pay system for our rent. We don't pay with lindens!! Please either contact inworld xxhotmommaxx or girdley12 for more information on this! We are looking forward from hearing and seeing you guys! Hope to hear from you soon!
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