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  1. I have tryed every thing and still i can not change the music inmy linden home. help please
  2. I just purchased the slink body . Can you wear prim stuff with this body ? 2. and some of my primstuff works i see the bottom half of the out fit but not the top or blouse. when I look in my inventory its says its worn but its not on my body i still am nakied thank you for any help with this matter .
  3. I have the slink body and i cant wear certian prim tops the bottoms work well what I am saying is the whole outfit shows but the top never appears on my body it shows wornn in my inventory but when you look on my avi its not there . thank you
  4. I purchased items from the market place said they have been delivered I got only half of my order I cant find the rest help please
  5. I did not receive some items that I recently order frommarket place please help me thanks kindley
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