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  1. It's 15th February and I still have problems with DNS server and can't log in, so do i have just to wait, too? (I've reloaded computer, reinstalled viewers, changed dns address and restarted router, and tried to log in differet location)
  2. The 3rd day as i can't log in. Still says that something is wrong about DNS server, BUT I can access SL main site, i changed DNS address to, rebooted router and computer - nothnig works. Please tell me what to do , i am desperate
  3. I can't log in for 24 hours at least aswell, changed the DNS server adress and it didn't work. Hope Linden Lab will fix it soon! The Grid says they've fixed everything but it doesn't help. I've reinstaleld the viewers and restarted computer, but i last tried to log in 24 hours ago and tried it again only now - now use
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