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  1. Bet she can't let it rest............
  2. (nods) it brought me where i am today Sorry to notice that, again, you have nothing intelligent to add. Let's leave it with that conclusion. Have a (good) life!
  3. Good morning, Nalates, thank you for your kind and usefull info! The advices given here are, of course, well ment but faster doesn't have to be always better. They also say that we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. It's not that Lillith is a bit hard but she presents herself as a sarcastic and prejudgemental "know it all". She insist to think that i bought faulty and overpriced "mistakes" (even three times..!) even though she could have read the reactions/answers better. I never stated anywhere that i bought my old vision 3d for playing SL. I knew my GC/chip on that system was weak but i wondered if it was possible to upgrade the chip or work around it with an external card. That was not possible, so i decided to get an "new/different" pc that will allow me to play SL in a nice way (not nessecarely high-end performance). So, taking notice of the good advices offered here and my wishes and possibilities i gatered the things i wanted. Lillith is comparing hardware that can't really be compared. Her (wish!)list shows a (TWEAKED!) MSI B250M Pro-VD with a Intel Pentium G4600.. She should have "compared' also the Bluetooth, Wifi, better audio, displayport and HDMI and USB3.1 type C instead of an antique DVI and VGAport ant the very limited B chipset (B as in businessmachines..) in contrary to my MB that has a K-processor that can handle turbomode on 4.2 Ghz instead 3.66 Ghz. It also comes with a Z-processor that can be overclocked! See http://ark.intel.com/compare/97144,97453 Ram 16 Gb ( 2x 8GB DDR4 2133MHz but runs on 2400Ghz) instead of 8Gb. I choose a Coolermaster Elite 130 as casing so there would be space for a extra graphic card. I don't disagree that i need an extra GC and that it gives better results, the CPU of the system doesn't have to do the grapics anymore. The GTX 1050 €134 will be ok, i guess, but a 1050 handles packages from 128 bit and then i'm still not sure that my issues are resolved but a 1080 handles a whopping 352 bit. Throwing around benchmarknumbers like 1,218 and 11,995 but not looking at the fact that the brandnew GTX1080 is a complete overkill, it allows you to play games like Battlefield and the newest, on a 4K monitor at maximal Ultra settings (!) the salesprices are between €850 and €1200. SL isn't THAT demanding and my pockets aren't that deep. It's like she's comparing a fiat 500 with an 150K Merc... Then she calls the MB "overpriced" ....? So, i took a peak on tweakers comparing prices for MSi en ASRock Mini-ITX and those prices are not that far apart.... https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/compare/698763;704125/ At least i know for sure that ASRock products/reviews are providing actual and correct productionmotherboards and -BIOS for testing instead tweaked and prepared boards/BIOS. Yes, you are right that the i5 isn't that outdated. I choose a Coolermaster Elite 130 as casing so there would be space for a extra graphic card. On firestorm it shows 50 frames on the FPSmeter and no packageloss (0%) Perhaps my question should have been if others also experience lagging/issues as i do with a similar setup. And, if so, is that due to CG-issues or SLserverspeed-issues? This to determine what GC would suit me best and what would be overkill.. I know that lagging can have many reasons.... (http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_speedtest) and (http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/lag) Kind regards, Party
  4. Well, according to the manufacturer it supports ultra high-end graphics card up to 343mm / 13.5.... I'm allready happy when i can run SL in a nnice way, it doesn't have to be high-end http://www.coolermaster.com/case/mini-itx-elite-series/elite130/
  5. Thanks again for your kind reply Rolig Loon as you suggested i had allready planned to get a additional GC that's why i wrote ( no extra GC yet...) Still figuring out what's best for me.
  6. Hi Rolig Loon, sorry for the error in my message. It is a Intel HD Graphics 630.
  7. Hello, back again :).... recently i bought a new setup/pc. This one should be a lot better than the Vision 3D: MB; Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming-itx/ac Cpu: i5 7600K GC: onboard HD Graphics 630 ( no extra GC yet...) Ram 16 Gb ( 2x 8GB DDR4 2133MHz ) SSD 256 Gb Power: coolermaster G550M W10 LAN: cable (fixed wire) This should meet the min. requirements but running SL i encounter the following problems: Laggy avatar doesn't react anymore on cursorcommands for a while. Graphics are nice but seems to be slow loading... So i wonder if this is due to my setup or e.g. the SLserver? Kind regards,
  8. Hi again Lillith, Same mistake...? There was no mistake made, as i said,: But yes, i also think it's a lot of money:) Can SL be played in actual 3D? Party
  9. Hi Lillith and Bree :), i never bought that system to run SL (or games) but just for that what it was ment to be used for: a HTPC, so i would have also internet on the livingroom 3D-TV and have all the audio and video things in one . The space that i had to place a HTPC was very limited. thats way i choosed the ASRock Vision 3D/137B at that time. Even though i upgraded the CPU to an i7 and placed the max of memory(8Gb) and changed the HD for an SSD 256Gb, the bottleneck will be the graphicscard/chip and meddeling with that embedded chip is disadviced. As Chic Aeon suggested it might be the best to purchase a destined machine for SL. So i agree on that too For now i'm very interested in the Gigabyte brix uhd i7-610 or one of his bigger brothers. ( again because of the limited space i have..) Maybe some of you knows this system and can tell me more about it for its use on SL? What concerns me is the heat created running the pc will be higher running a good or better chip/card so cooling is an issue. Thank you for your help and advice! Party
  10. Hi again searching for a better system/card for SL i found out that the specs/software provided by the manufacturers a kinda bogus. Almost all send their hardware for testing with adapted software instead with the regular software it comes out of the factory So their specs can't be trusted. ASRock doesn't do that so their specs are more trustworthy and reliable to me. I'll take good notice from Chic Aeon's advice about powercomsumption. If you have some more good advices, please let me know! Kind regards, PartySmile
  11. Good morning (here) Lindal Kidd, Rolig Loon and Chic Aeon Nobody so far sugested that it was a laptop but you're right with youre comment that it can't be upgraded with an internal card and that i might have to get me something better. It has served his purpose excelently for many years and will do so for some more, i hope! Shouldn't they be named and shamed actually? That's one of the reasons i always stick to ASRock. Their RMA and aftersalessevice are incredible..........(even out of garantee!) Thank you all for your good and friendliy advices! Kind regards, Party (smiles)
  12. Hi Rolig Loon, thank you for your reply so soon! That's and clear answer, you gave! I think that what might be a problem is the fact that this PC has the graphics chip embedded in the MB. Is there a way to detour the signal through an other (better and external?) card? Kind regards, Party
  13. Hi forum, i've got a upgraded ASrock vision 3D 137B that i would like to use for SL. The OS is W7 Ultimate 64x Originally it had a i3 CPU but now a i7 CPU. It had 2x 1 Gb DDR3 and was also upgraded to the max. 2 x 4 Gb DDR 1066 Mhz. That all should be fine to run SL but the weak? point might be my Graphics chip/card. That is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M. Hopefully there is someone here who is willing to give me advice what my possibilities are to run SL. Kind regards, Party
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