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  1. I did everything but didn't help. That item may permanently lost and i must recreate a new one :'( Anyways, thank you very much for the advice.
  2. My attachments was lost from my avatar and my inventory after the game was disconnected, but it was disconnected after i created and attached it about 1-2 hours. Other attachments those i created after this isn't lost from my inventory and still attached on my avatar. - I had to relogin but the item was dissapear in my inventory and avatar - I tried to clear cache and relogin but it still didn't found - I tried to search in recent item, lost and found, located folder or even trash but it still didn't found - I saved outfit before disconnected, after i relogin at the first time, the picture of linked item was like " -- " - Then i relogin again in second time but the item was lose from My Outfits folder - I have logged in 4 times now and inventory fetching finished all times but it still lost anyone have any solutions ? although it has no cost of this item but i made it about 30mins or 1h. and this makes me disappointed and so angry, and i too lazy and afraid it won't beautiful as the first time to recreate it again. If this item has 1000+ L$ cost i may blame the game all days lol.
  3. Sorry for my English, but i've ever seen how many people online now since 2-3 years ago on login page. Now i can't see anything like this so is there how to know how many people are online know in SL ?
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