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  1. I was trying to post a Hiring Classified and I got everything done but I couldnt change the Context tab to Adult, just to General or Moderate or both. I even went to place i was using for the Classified and it didnt change. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong and tell me how to do it. Thanks.
  2. 123456gogo

    The music

    My music keeps going in and out and I toggle and it comes back on for a min and then it does not come back on at all. So I relog and it comes back for like 5-10 mins then goes out again. How do I keep it on for good?
  3. 123456gogo

    how to make a sim

    hi i was wondering how to make a Sim? I dont know if SIm is the right word for it but, I know you can make them cause I am on a SIm right now. But I want to know how to make one? It would be very greatful if someone can tell me how. thanks
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