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  1. No more than every furry avatar or BDSM avatar walking the grid; in fact, probably less so. I like to try and keep it reasonable.
  2. Nearly constantly, yes. I use mesh bodies and attachments, along with a variety of huds. It is especially hard when it comes to doing adult-themed kink outfits in addition to mesh bodies with fur, tails, ears and similar. I do link together what I can, when I can, but it is sadly not always something I can do. A good many people I know have the same issue, too, unfortunately. I will move this over to the jira. Thank you for the information!
  3. I'm certain it's been asked before, but I really would like to know... With the rise of mesh objects and clothing rapidly replacing almost everyone's wardrobe, and in many cases mesh body parts replacing the default Linden Labs body, is there any chance we could please see the objects attachment limit rise significantly? I am sure that I am not alone in constantly hitting the attachment limit and being forced to try and link different parts of my body and outfit together. The layers limit was just increased, so will we be seeing an increase in attachments as well? If it is not planned, cou
  4. I've heard tell of it, tried to look it up, but I'm not sure /where/ to look. Can someone shine some light on this situation? c:
  5. Okay so I somehow managed to turn my hover text for things like titlers and scripted items off, and now I can't view any of it, on anyone or any thing. Anyone have any clue how to turn it back on? this is incredibly frustrating, I've tried almost everything at this point, so now I'm coming to you guys for help. :s
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