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  1. Hi, I've done all my rigging in blender and have played around with it a bit. So far I have been able to successfully manipulate the skeleton to move bones around and stretch them. I've made tiny avatars this way. Its quite a lot of fun to do but still has a few position problems when you get too tiny lol.
  2. The way I see it, I'm really not going to do any harm, if anything it may help promote their company. I undersatnd when people do things like pirate software, or movies and music and that takes away profits. But here in SL, unless they establish themselves here, I won't be taking anything from them. So I doubt they will mind much.
  3. Monti Messmer wrote: Hello, you had to go through the mesh-upload questions and there you got your answer ! NO you cannot Because others break "law" doesn´t make it right. (What an old odd line but still true) Do not expect copyright owners think you are to small. It is not only them even some, maybe bored lawers, search the net and report things. Monti If they want me to take it down I will, but they will also have to go after the others doing it lol. Also I must remind you that just because there is a law, doesn't make it right. Someone stated before this, that the owners of the copyright are usually not the original creator. Also, this model is my own, created from scratch, I own every vertice and pixel in it. As long as Linden Lab doesn't have a problem with it, I think it will be fine.
  4. What confuses me is the fact that there already are Pikachu avatars that look nearly exactly like the actual character, even one using textures directly from the anime and are being sold and even use the name Pikachu, yet they are still there and have not been taken down, and the account is still active. This isn't the only one, so why hasn't anything been done about all the copyrighted stuff on the marketplace if its not even allowed?
  5. Hello there, I was wondering how this works. I am not going to steal any mesh, but I want to create my own mesh but of certain characters, lets say... Pikachu. Say I made a mesh tiny Pikachu and set it for sale in the marketplace. How would I go about this without running into trouble? Can it look exactly like pikachu but be named something else? Should I put in its contents that I do not own the rights to Pokemon? I saw this done with Mario stuff. I'm not quite sure what I should do.
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