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  1. I need a good paying job. If someone could please point me out a job I could get around 2,500 lindens a month or more :) Let me know. Thank you
  2. I want to adopt a kid, but I'm also not that very big on Lindens.. I want to know what the needs are that you need to adopt a kid :-) I want a little girl.
  3. ok, I made a TIPJAR.. I want to make it rotate (SLOWLY) Could someone please give me the script for that? Thanks!
  4. I got a tip jar from a user and I don't know how to change the picture or change the tip jar name. It still says Cindys Tip Jar Could someone help me? (I'm New Here)
  5. Hi guys, I'm new to Secondlife building here... I'm wanting to build a hair style but I can't really get my texture to make it have the jagged look... I don't want this -- http://i48.tinypic.com/292r1j6.png -- I want this ~ -- http://i50.tinypic.com/2n6udmr.png -- ~ (Something with style and actually flexiability) Could someone tell me how to make actually a "jagged" look with using the "new hair" button on your inventory..
  6. Ok, This is my script for my tip jar... // Settings Modifiable: Yes // Product Name: Tip Jar Script // Version: 3.5 // Purchased at Ancient Homelands Free Store // Instructions: // Make a backup copy of this script if you plan to modify. // You can change the text that the script displays by // editing the text in between the " and ". // Do not change \n$L0 or \n$L or $L or the "llInstantMessage(llGetOwner" line. // You can delete lines by taking out the \n and the text that follows it. // To remove text without deleting the line remove the text in between the " and ". // You can make it look like a lot of people have donated by donating to yourself. // The script works with a Right Click and Pay. // // integer totaldonated; string owner; default { on_rez( integer sparam ) { llResetScript(); } state_entry() { owner = llKey2Name( llGetOwner() ); llSetText( owner + "'s Tip Jar.\nAll tips are appreciated!\n$L0 Donated so far",<25,0,128>,1); } money(key id, integer amount) { totaldonated += amount; llSetText( owner + "'s Tip Jar.\nAll tips are appreciated!\n$L" + (string)amount + " Was donated last!\n" + "$L" + (string)totaldonated + " Donated so far",<.25,1,.65>,1); llInstantMessage(id,"Thanks for the tip! I really appreciate it."); llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(),(string)llKey2Name(id)+" donated $" + (string)amount); } } I want to change the color of the script... it's pink for now, but I want to change it to a different color. (I'm new to scripting for tip jars and need help, wanting to change color to green)
  7. I think now I have the flexi prims and etc. After watching some explaintion videos :-) I just need to know a video, that makes hair using them. If someone could send me a link to one!
  8. What I done , was upload a picture with my avatar, with really short hair and painted long hair onto her.. Let me just show you what I made. Click here This is actually my first time making a hair product, I actually want to make the hair that I made on my picture in secondlife. I just don't know for sure about prims. If you could please show me or teach me.
  9. I've recently made a picture, with hair on my avatar! using PHOTOSHOP CS6 ... I want to know, how to get it from photoshop to realistic on Secondlife.. and how to sell it.
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