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  1. Can someone please help me remedy this? There are no ngons, it could be lower poly but is not too dense for the uploader, by any means and my materials are set correctly. I imported the item into a different scene and exported, no luck. I'm out of ideas :/ Also, screenshot below, as you can see, sometimes it does not give an error, but the LI is outrageous and no matter how much I lower the LOD values, it stays stuck at 4.8k tris/3k verts. https://gyazo.com/5e85b4fb1f748c7e61018cd3f0284b9c Update: the problem was that the uploader was automatically merging verts that were too close together
  2. My skin completely glitches and looks like tv static, or a bunch of random textures! I've rebakes, cleared my cache, done the character test nonsense and even updated my video card and tried a new viewer. Nothing is helping >.<
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