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  1. Hey there, i'm Chris A 23 yo gay male avi looking for a twin =] i have a sl family of parents and 4 mostly grown up sisters. Just looking for a twin brother to cause trouble with me
  2. I got it without thinking. paid 990 for it -__- I'd love to get it off my hands for like 600 anyways, i'll never use it. If anyone wants it, just IM me Christer Spiritweaver(CrissHolmes Resident).
  3. No, i found her. Come to find out she wasn't as hot as i thought.
  4. So hit me up if you like the music you hear at warped tour or the likes. Post Hardcore or Pop punk or whatever they call it now. Bands at warped tour this year: All Time Low Amyst Anti-Flag Bayside blessthefall Born Of Osiris Breathe Carolina Every Time I Die Falling in Reverse Fireworks For Today Four Year Strong Living With Lions Lost In Society Lostprophets Man Overboard Matt Toka Mayday Parade Memphis May Fire Miss May I Pierce the Viel Rise Against Rise To Remain Senses Fail Sick Of Sarah Skip The Foreplay Sleeping with Sirens the rest of the list can be googled.
  5. I'm looking to meet people who like the same kind of music. So luck, i have no luck finding anyone with my musical taste. So hit me up if you like the music you hear at warped tour or the likes. Post Hardcore or Pop punk or whatever they call it now. CrissHolmes Resident
  6. I've been dieing to find a rp be it Royal medival or victorian, in which i can serve a family as their servant/stable boy/ buttler/slave....with or without benifies. Anyone know a Sim or a family rp looking for something like that.
  7. I'd love to know so much more about your house and RP. Send me an IM in world sometime Chris Spiritweaver (CrissHolmes)
  8. You are beautiful. But i'm sure you get that alot. You have black and Blond hair. We were shooting in the police statation together and I'd really like to get to know you better. But you logged off before I could say Hi. Just let me say Hi to you properly.
  9. I have yet to find a club or sim for gay men that is actuly busy or has people in it. Maybe i'm just looking in the wrong places. Anyone know a good, active club/sim?
  10. I have a teen and adult avitar. My Teen is my main, but I was looking to start a switching over to my adult. I probably should have clearafied that in the OP. The relationship would/will be on my adult avi. my bad :matte-motes-sour:
  11. Does anyone have a work Platonic SL relationship? I have a dedicated RL partner who doesn't want to join sl. And I've been looking for a platonic relationship to have on sl. have a house, maybe start a famly role play, but no sex. Anyone else try/thhough of/is doing this?
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