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  1. Hello MiA! I would love to be considered for a store manager position. I am in EST in US. I'm usually available from about 7AM until about 8PM SLT. I have been an SL Resident since 2007, with my first avatar, Hannah Leominster. Hannah completed the Teaching Career Course at TUI, then taught there, and later at ICE. She was a CSR for Vista Animations (and taught her very popular Animations from A to Z course for his customers), and CSR for Zion Chickens. As BJ, I was a store manager for Trendy Templates (I am still a store assistant, helping in group as needed) and I am a group manager for Meli Imako. I frequently write tutorials for Meli's page SLTutorials, and occasionally for SLDesigner. I have my own clothing and shoe stores for kids and adults. I plan to write tutorials for sale under my own name. I would love to talk with you further. BJ MacIntyre
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