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  1. Hello! I'm trying to find ways to get involved in Second Life and I'm an artist in my first life.. so are there galleries on SL that are looking for new artists or original artwork?
  2. could you show me precisely what to buy to wear under my skin? I agree about the jaggedness.
  3. So I tried the mesh skin but it still has the same shadows.. I feel like I'm missing something about the body, underneath the skin. So I searched second life body shape mesh on the shop and each one is just skin! Help. I'm a newb.
  4. I accidentally posted this in relationships and lifestyles.. see how confused I am. WOW. I'm a rare SLer. I have made a few things, explored a little when I see an event (Kawaii Fair) I'm interested in.. but I'm missing a lot. I don't get it. I have no friends on Second Life. I'm not interested in sexual encounters or rated-r locations. I'm happily married in my first life and I have children. I'm a young woman, I love art and design. I'm a web developer, designer, artist, and love making things: jewelery, crafting, prints. I'm into cute and colorful things. I love traveling in my first life. So I must be missing something.. the only places I've found are scarce.. or malls with kawaii items.. and I can only walk around a mall so many times.. so I log off. I've never even communicated with another av on SL! Help me! Lead me around and show me what I'm missing. I used to LOVE chatting, making new friends, etc. I do this on FB now but I miss the old days of Palace, cute forums, Comic Chat, ICQ, Virtual Chat and all the visual chatting. IRL on social media I'm @amberrenee on instagram, twitter, pinterest and facebook /amberrenee Second life handle is Toxic Confiserie xoxo
  5. See? What is going on? In some places it looks like this and it's REALLY SCARY. I must be doing something wrong. Everyone elses faces look smooth.
  6. Need any products from the art side -- I do original artwork, skin, clothes, etc. If you have the mesh and know how to code i can do work as needed. By trade I'm a graphic and web designer. I'm offering those as well -- logos, signs, wallpaper, business cards, window displays, web development, social media management and design. Any of those things needed to run a successful business online both visually and customer or fan-base-attracting -- just ask! xoxo
  7. So we just control our lighting and pray others do the same? Or else we'll look like ass to them? Or rather an old, sunken face terror?
  8. So I've made this skin.. and if I control the lighting it looks great but I want it to look great in the general world with sunlight as that is how everyone sees it. What am I doing wrong? Is it the way I have my face under the skin sized? So confused. And new. Thanks for any and all help.
  9. So I'm not sure where this would go but how does one get involved in things such as the Kawaii Fair? (I'm new to the community) xox
  10. It's been awhile but 98% of the above is still true! Still working on av stuff and wanting to get more involved. <3 xoxo Nice to meet all of you and let's chat!
  11. Hello! I've had Second Life a few years and used it maybe 10 times. I came here mostly for the creativity and creation opportunities but I never really log into the game because I have no idea where I should go and I'm too shy to talk to people because I'm such a newb. Formerly I played games such as EQ, WoW, Sims and Diablo. I realize SL is not a "game" per se but a community and a place to create and connect. I'd love to do all of the above. Thus far I have made one skin and I'm still studying skin creation because it's a new world to me. I've made no friends but I did have a blast at the Kawaii Fair whenever that was going on and I found lots of goodies. I'm not sure I understand how to have a home or store.. I know if you get a premium account you get an apartment or some such but I'm more interested in learning about developing kawaii cute psychedelic lands rather than an apartment AND I'm interested in sharing a small space somewhere cool rather than a whole land. I suppose I would say I'm interested in finding a place I can learn about developing land if someone had said place. As I said I'm shy and I'd love to make friends so I'd have more reason to log in and more cute things to do. I'm still getting the hang of all this so please know everything I've said is probably completely backwards. Anyway, I'm a designer and a blogger and I don't plan to reveal my true self because it's way more fun to RP however I'm into cute things, used to live in Japan and love friends, penpalling and all the silly things. My name here is Toxic Confiserie (toxic confection store) and I am a small elf-like woman that wears too-small little girl clothes, rainbows and pink hair because I am a lolita on the inside even if I'm 20-something. Feel free to reply, send me a message, etc etc. Look forward to talking nonsense with you soon. XOXOXO Toxic
  12. Hello! I'm new to skin creating AND Second Life. I've recently found a hobby in skin creating and have moved my Sims obsession to here for the time being. I'm pretty shy and haven't made any friends here yet but I just have to ask about the lighting.. so I did find a topic months ago on setting the environmental lighting custom for your skin but I'm sure this is only in the test realm? Probably not in realms you don't own? Also does everyone else still see your skin as aligned with their lighting settings? Here is my delima attached as a photo. I'm sure you've dealt with this before. My skin I've created has harsh lines and stramge lighting. On canvas it looks great, on my avatar with custom enviromental lighting it looks great, in game it looks like I'm a gaunt old woman with serious skin issues. Advice? Is this something I can fix or work around? My marketplace photo with the custom lighting on test server:
  13. Thank you SO MUCH, Suki. You helped me with something that has been troubling me for SO LONG! Wow. I am so grateful. xox
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