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  1. Some friends and I are building a roleplay area. I'd like players to work together to defeat an AI - shooting weapons at drones and such. I'm looking for weapons and damage meter for my players, and scripts/spec for my AI enemies to shoot back. The weapon systems I've seen so far are PvP only and (for lag reasons) don't detect object hits. I don't fancy scripting my own weapons though :) I don't want players to have to buy their own weapons for a system only playable on my sim - ideally freebie weapons, open source scripts, etc. The LARPS system looks amazing with all the character sheet / rol
  2. Awesome feedback everyone, thank you :matte-motes-big-grin: There's nothing worse than a tutorial that gets it wrong, and I totally hear you all about the states thing. Bad code to boot. Jeez. I'll rethink that. There's already some great text tutorials out there and personally prefer to watch video on any topic. Lazy I guess! Thanks again for taking the time to post your thoughts
  3. Hello! I'm trying an experiment and making some tutorial videos for scripting. I hope they're useful to beginners or people who want to brush up on the basics. Or they might be junk :) I'm not as excitable as Torley but I laugh too hard at my own jokes. Part 1 - what is scripting Part 2 - states Part 3 - events Part 4 - variables If you find them useful or have ideas please let me know here or on Youtube and I will make some more :) I can also make videos on specific questions if you have any. - xigs
  4. Hi! I'm looking for someone who can help me test my Icecast stream server today. Ideally someone who expects 30-100 listeners. It is running the latest version of Icecast 2 on a server in the US but I have a new bandwidth provider and want to give it a good test tonight if possible! Please contact me in-world if you can help me out? If we get over 30 listeners I can offer you a free stream for 12 months. Xigaro
  5. Hello DJs! I manage an established club and we're looking for electronica DJs to join the team. I'm looking for variety so if you play jump up or deep or weird or minimal then its all good. It could be dubs, dnb, jungle, dubstep, techno, trance, house, or anything else electronic. No 80s rock please ;) If you have a mic that's great, if not then please be chatty with people in local. Interaction with the crowd is great. The club is on a homestead sim so max 20 avatars. The sim is a grungy abandoned city. We're well funded and established so we're not going to disappear overnight. Its public an
  6. I don't really know how SL functions. With my limited knowledge I assumed when an avatar/object moves, the region needs to run through all physical objects searching for a possible collision, then do calculations based on actual collisions. It probably has a clever algorithm which discounts far-away objects within a microsecond and only does proper searches within a radius/box/whatever. Anyway setting physics to "off" on my wall-mounted sign satisfied my OCD no end :matte-motes-big-grin: Edit: And my friend read this thread and now understands physics calculations too. We were both very happ
  7. Aah thank you both! With a simple root prim and physics disabled on child prims, it's down to 15 LI - much better! The child prims were tortured for text-on-prim which is what was causing the naughtiness. I'm glad the new calculation system highlighted the needless impact I was having on the server with physics. I had no idea. Great explanation thanks Drongle!
  8. Hi! A friend of mine made me a mesh frame with rounded corners. It has a land impact of 1. When I link it to a bunch of 20 normal prims, the linked set shoots up to 40 land impact! The root (mesh) prim had a script in too, I don't know if that makes a difference. I deleted the script but its still 40. I understand this kind of behaviour is expected to some degree. Is there a way around it? Thanks in advance!
  9. I rent a sim from Azure, and I'm subletting a parcel of land to a friend. Is there a way to alter the prim count? We have the size set as we want it to be, but it has only allocated 51 prims and I'd like it to be 200 without giving any extra land. Any help appreciated!
  10. Hi! We've opened a new abandoned urban sim for kid/teen/furry/adult avis and are looking for electronica DJs to get the party swinging at the club. Dubstep, drum n bass, house, trance, electroswing .. anything electronica is welcome! If you're interested please let me know on this thread, or drop an IM or notecard to me in-world (xigaro) Thanks!
  11. Is it possible to create an object from script, without the object being in the script parent object's inventory? Ideally I'd like to rez a cube from script without having to place a cube inside. I discovered llGodLikeRezObject() but I assume only Lindens have God powers. Is anything like that possible? Thanks!
  12. That answers that, thanks all for your help
  13. Thanks Dora I'll try key framed motion, I hadn't seen it before!
  14. Thanks both for your ideas My customer kindly sent a screenshot of the problem:
  15. Hi! I'm trying to make a vehicle using llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast() to move the root prim. It moves and rotates great but it looks like the vehicle moves first, then the avatar moves after, and it looks really jerky. I thought the avatar became part of the linked set when sitting. Why so jerky? Is there a better way to move the vehicle in script to specific co-ordinates? Thanks!
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